Thursday, June 08, 2006

A case of the "BIRD FLEW".....

I'm feeling SAD. Remember the web cam trained on the eagle's nest? I have a permanent link to it on my side bar. I've been watching the site since there were three eggs in it. I've seen the eggs hatch and watched as all three eaglets (against the odds) survived and grew.

Yesterday one of the babies flew from the nest. Hence, my case of the "bird flew". I'm surprised at how sad I feel that I'll never see that beautiful creature again. The nest looks so big. What a privilege it has been to be able to watch these majestic creatures grow and wittiness the incredible devotion the parent Eagles have shown in caring for their young.

Mom & Dad Eagle are still feeding the two remaining babies (and I'm sure their bigger sibling!). It will just be a matter of days before they all leave the nest.

Talk about "Empty Nest Syndrome".......


  1. I checked the cam this morning and it's entirely empty. Sad, but wonderful. This year they raised 3 eaglets. That means the population gains by 1. BTW, did you realize that Diana from the EZasPi list lives in Shephardstown WV? maybe she can keep an eye out for them for you. :)

  2. I flew to the site when I read that the nest was emty. I'm happy to say that as of 7:20 a.m. (Daylight savings time) there are still two eaglets in the nest. Whew! There is a section of the nest, hidden by the branch the camera is on, where you can't see the eagles. That's also where they often eat too. Nice to hear from you Elaine!

  3. Just one there now. Our little Spunky. I see tthe Bird Flew really does get around. I will need to fly over to see the BLOG about the sheep on this site too, I am an animal lover for sure!!!. Nice bLOG. Thanks for visiting my tribute to the eagles site, and signing my guestbook. That's how I ofund my way here. I will now add you to my Blogrol so you might see me wingin my way over here every now and then .

  4. I have enjoyed watching those babies since you posted the link on your blog (I have it on my fav's and have been checking in on them every day or so - I know what you mean about Empty Nest syndrome. Tina
    P.S. Got a clean (well maybe except for a bit of a bladder infection) bill of health today from my local OB/GYN - she is very pleased with how my incision looks. Yeah!

  5. I just found your blog, Nancy. It is great that you have included these WV eaglets - I too have been watching since the eggs & I also have the BirdFlew II level illness. It has been quite an experience watching these majestic parents & their babies. A lot of lessons to be learned by watching nature at work in just a short 3 months by all. Take care - have a great life!



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