Friday, June 16, 2006

I almost forgot JUNE!

When I did my post yesterday I realized that I never posted the June picture from my calendar. Sorry about that!The June picture features one of my foundation ewes, "Z-Ranch Iva" with her first lamb, "Bluff Country Zeus". Zeus went on to be a flock sire in Indiana where I know that he sired at least one HST lamb. Iva was one of my very favorite ewes and I cried SO hard when I sold her...But I HAD to sell her in order to keep her beautiful daughter, "Bluff Country Zest". We have very limited room at our place so any time I decide to keep a lamb, an adult has to go. This can be quite heartbreaking! Although I miss Iva, and will always love her, I know I made the right decision in keeping Zest. She is definitely one of my favorite ewes and is the dam of Paco as well as Trinity (and Bella!) from this year... Not to mention that she is incredibly sweet. Zest is the one I hand sheared in an earlier post.

Dream says...."yeah, but I'm her Dream Come True!"
...and she is ;-)

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