Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Hair Cut...

It was too wet to mow so I gave Zanex a hair cut. She's one of my black/isets who was in the rise at shearing and looked like a SWAMP CREATURE. I found hand-shearing much easier the second time. I tied Zanex to the gate and snipped away. It only took me about 45 minutes to do her! I picked up the wool, lying in the grass and used it as mulch around some of my newly planted flowers. May as well put it to good use! I think Zodiak (another black/iset) is next...

While I was wandering around the paddock this afternoon (STILL too wet to mow!), looking for pictures to take, I noticed one of Alice's ram lambs (Hero) eating a mushroom growing in the soggy grass. I sure hope he knows what's good for him!

Dream says..."Hey! When's the beauty PHOTO contest????"

I'll try to get the pictures up on Wednesday. I need to coordinate things with Stephen Rouse ~ he's in charge of the Spotted Shetlands group...

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