Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tomorrow's the Big Day.....

Don't forget, I'll be posting pictures from the Spotted Shetlands Group, for the "Favorite Spotted 2006 Lamb Contest" on Wednesday. Since I have to work all day, it will most likely be evening before I get them posted.

In the meantime...
Remember the "Alice Watch"? I missed a beautiful shot of Alice and all three of her triplets, walking in single file. When I went to take the picture, my camera beeped to tell me that I hadn't put the card in it! It was still in my computer. By the time I ran in and got the card, I'd lost my perfect shot, so you'll have to make do with individual photos. This one is Alice with her handsome son "Hero". Look at the conformation on that ewe! No wonder she gives me such outstanding babies...

This is the beautiful girl of the bunch. "Glitter" will be making her home at Kimberwood Shetlands in a few weeks. We're sure going to miss her!

And then, there's "Doc" a.k.a. "Bluff Country Paradox". I'm pretty sure he's modified. I'm not sure if he'll end up fawn or mioget but he sure is stunning.

Speaking of stunning, show quality specimens...

This is my DH, hunting for moles. Notice his trusty pitch fork??? He's deadly.

Dream says... "If Mom doesn't post something tomorrow, tell the homicide division to check out Dad's alibi..."


  1. WOW! Glitter really does look like her mom! I'm thrilled!

  2. What great pics! And the one of Don isn't bad either! ;)
    I'm glad to see someone else "hunts" with a pitchfork as well.



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