Thursday, May 25, 2006

Watch my babies grow...

It's been a glorious spring in the Bluff Country and the lambs are growing as fast as the grass. Remember Zaria's twins "Grand Finale" and "Crescendo"? They're getting HORNS! Aren't they adorable? The horns on both look VERY widely spaced. Paco's the sire, so I expect nice, wide horns on these ram lambs.

Remember Diva's little "Rock Star"? Here's Rocky, growing like a weed. What awesome fleece this guy's got! He'll make someone a nice flock sire...

I still remember how thrilled I was the night that Zodiak gave me twin, HST ewe lambs. "Dream Come True" will be staying here in the Bluff Country... ;-)
But her beautiful sister, "Make a Wish" will be moving on to a new home in central Minnesota this summer...

I'll keep updating the blog with pictures of the growing lambs over the next few days. I have lots of babies for sale that I need to start advertising!

Sorry, this little doll is already sold. She's Alice's gorgeous daughter, "Bluff Country Glitter" and will be making her home at Kimberwood Shetlands, later this summer. I'm hoping Kim will show Glitter at the Jefferson show this fall ~ she's stunning! I HATE to see my little girls go... :-(


  1. How do you evaluate horns. Linus is the proud owner of a small set of nubs. How do I know if they are good ones or bad ones?

  2. EXCELLENT question, Sharrie! Maybe I'll do a post about ram lambs' horns. I'll probably give it a few weeks because it's too hard to tell this early. The fact is: it's always a guessing game. There are certain things that indicate good horns (widely spaced on the head, and sweeping out/away from the skull) or bad horns (closer than two fingers-width apart or growing straight back) but even these are not guarantees that the horns will ultimately be good. Only time will tell that.



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