Sunday, April 16, 2006


I don't know if you can see it or not, but Alice is WINKING in this picture! Did you know that if you click on a photo, you can see the full sized version? I think Alice has a few days yet. She always carries her lambs low but her udder is not engorged yet.
In the meantime, Savannah and Zerox/Kokomo ??? are thriving ~ HELP! I don't know what I want to call this ram lamb! Any suggestions?

And then, there's our beautiful "bottle baby" WHISPER. She is doing very well, under the watchful eye of her step-mom, Phoebe. Unfortunately, Phoebe wasn't thinking ahead when she stole Savannah's ewe lamb. Phoebe still hasn't lambed (she's getting close, I noticed last night that her babies are dropping) and her milk has not come in yet! Therefore, we have our very first bottle baby.

In spite of the artificial feeding method, Whisper is doing very well. I milked out Savannah, four times, on Friday, so Whisper was getting her dam's milk (and colostrum). I'm sure that Savannah fed her at the time she was born because Whisper's tummy was quite round when I found her.

Whisper continues to try to nurse from Phoebe, who stands like a loving mom...I think Phoebe's milk is beginning to come in because Whisper has not finished her bottle her last three feedings and her tummy is still nice and round. Of course, if Whisper gets all of Phoebe's colostrum, I'll be milking out my other ewes to provide colostrum for PHOEBE'S twins. I sure hope that Phoebe has learned her lesson and won't try taking anyone else's babies in the future!

My oldest daughter and her handsome husband and my 3 wonderful grandsons are coming out for Easter Day with Don & I. I'm so excited to have family around for the Holiday. Unfortunately, it's raining, so the Easter egg hunt will probably be in the house and garage.

I'm thinking KitKat will be the next to lamb...


  1. Thank you for sharing your sheep with us.

    I think you should go with Zerox. He's got his daddy's coloring, and with the Z you don't get into any trademark issues......

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  2. How about "Zephyr", "Zodiac", "Zip", "Zircon", or "Zigzag"? :)

    Kathy in Flagstaff

  3. And I like "Zerox", too! :)



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