Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Really boring post...

I'm sorry. This is going to be a very boring post. I'm so tired I can't even think. I have managed to drag my weary body out to sit with my ewes the past two nights. That's about it! I wish my husband would take some pictures when I'm sitting out with the girls. They're so funny! They literally cuddle and snuggle. They kind of shove each other out of the way and crowd in, close to me, to get petted and scratched and rubbed. Last night I sat out there for a good hour and had two almost laying on my lap and four others standing around me nudging me to pet THEM. I need more hands! Even after I went into the house, the girls stayed in the backyard grazing. I went back out and sat in a lawn chair with my feet on the bench to the picnic table ~ now, you've got to try to picture this...I'm sitting in one of those reclining lawn chairs, in a mostly upright, but slightly back-leaning position...I've got my stubby little legs stretched out in front of me, using a bench from the picnic table as a footstool. I've got two sheep (Zest & Zanex) standing on the other side of the footstool/bench, and I'm rubbing their necks with my bare FEET. The bench kept them from coming up onto the stone patio I was sitting on so they stood in the grass and I scratched them with my toes. Talk about SPOILED sheep ;-)

The girls are getting bigger. This should be an exciting weekend....

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  1. What a hoot! I wish you would post a pic of THAT on your website. :)
    Ready for that trip to Flagstaff?

    Kathy L. (in Flag)



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