Friday, April 14, 2006


Meet Savannah & Zorro's 12 hour old son (who I am refraining from naming ~ although I like "Kokomo" ~ pending his potential new owner's input). This is why I breed for HST markings. See how striking the white on the HEAD, SOCKS & TAIL is? This is the second year that Savannah & Zorro have given us an HST lamb (Zaria ~ bred to Paco, is the big sister!) I couldn't be happier.

Well, that's not quite true...

This is our handsome little guy's TWIN SISTER. Isn't she adorable? Sorry folks, I couldn't resist. Her name is "Bluff Country Whisper". She's one of our, typical, HST-carrying, solid color with a "whisper of white on their heads" lambs. ;-) unfortunately, it appears that Whisper was the first-born of Savannah's twins and that while Savannah was busy delivering number two, Phoebe decided that Whisper needed a more attentive mother! SO...Phoebe is raising Savannah's daughter. By the time I got out to the barn, both lambs were cleaned off and dry and had obviously nursed. They were also quite apparently bonded to their respective moms! I tried putting Whisper back with Savannah & Mr. HST, but she wanted by Phoebe ~ who was outside the barn, bellering her head off. Savannah didn't exactly reject Whisper ~ she was just more concerned and focused on her son. Whisper would not even try to nurse from Savannah. She just kept calling back to Phoebe. So, since I was supposed to be at work anyway ~ and it was obvious that both lambs had already nursed, I decided to reunite Phoebe and the ewe lamb she had stolen. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

more later...(by the way, I love my black "with a whisper of white on their head" lambs, and moorit lambs and EVERY color of lambs just as much ~ it's just that I like how striking looking the HST's are) ;-) Off to Farm & Fleet ~ more details later this afternoon.

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  1. He`s like a little panda! Cute as a button, same as his sister!



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