Saturday, April 22, 2006

Flash's babies!

My beautiful Flash Flood surprised me, with twins (a ram & a ewe) when I got home from work the day that Alice had her triplets. In honor of Flash's Great-Grand-Dam: "White Diamond" (who died earlier this spring), I'm calling the black/smirslet ram lamb "Black Diamond" ~ he has a white diamond on his forehead. I'm calling his exquisite sister "Lacy" (she looks like she's wearing a lace bonnet) and thinking of something along the line of "Diamonds & Lace", or something similar...She is an VERY beautiful ewe lamb with awesome fleece and striking, smirslet markings. A definite spot carrier.



I'll try to update pictures of all the babies tomorrow. That will be somewhat dependent on how my night goes. I'm thinking that Diva may be in early labor and I want to keep a close eye on her so I'll be setting my alarm and getting up to check on her...(waving DPNs, prayers & positive thoughts appreciated!!)


  1. wowweee...what striking markings!:o) like all the rest, they're just lovely...i'm beginning to think though that i wouldn't know a 'non lovely' lamb if i saw one lol

    keeping the dpns on high for all of you! ;o)

  2. Striking lambs - how you don't keep ALL of them is beyond anxiously following the rest of your lambing (better than TV, frankly)as I only have one more to go here and she is REALLY slow...keep up the good work.

    (Waving the DPN's in spirit only, all of mine are tied up in sock projects I need to finish...)



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