Saturday, April 08, 2006

One week to go!

Sorry Pam....

You too, Katie... ;-)
(Pam & Katie are my daughters who are just a tad embarrassed by the rear view photos of my pregnant sheep).
Alice is doing wonderfully! She is friendly and getting bigger every day. Don asked me today if I think she'll have triplets again. It's too early to tell. She's got at least a week before she's due so I know she's going to get much larger yet.

As per special request, here's a picture of DIVA with Zest. Diva's such a tiny little thing. She looks great for a first time mom. Not much of a 'bag' yet but I don't think she's due for a few weeks. Zest (solid brown) on the other hand, is among the group that I expect to lamb first. She definitely looks like she'll have twins again. Zest is Paco's dam and is bred to Bravo, so I'm very excited about her lambs... Diva (my adorable little moorit & white, HST ewe) is bred to Zorro. Can you imagine what they could produce???? We won't have to wait much longer to see.

And then there's my surprise for the day. I was taking pictures of my girls and suddenly realized that Flash Flood is HUGE! She had a big, single, ram-lamb, last year but looks like she'll have twins this year. YEAH!!!
Flash has really bagged up in the past couple of days. I wonder if she won't beat some of the girls who are supposed to lamb first!

It should be a very happy Easter here in the Bluff Country.....

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  1. Ami does not look as round and heavy as any of your ewes, but she does have a bag which, I think, is growing. I sure hope she know what to do.



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