Friday, April 14, 2006

Too tired for pictures...

I just realized: Savannah was NOT in Paco's breeding group. She was in Zorro's! So Zorro is the sire of our first HST ram-lamb of 2006! I can't believe how forgetful I'm becoming!!! As my dear friend, Kim, pointed out to me; there's no way that Savannah & Paco could have produced a black lamb... Duh! I know that.

That changes the name possibilities. Although I've given up on naming all of Zorro's offspring names that start with the letter "Z", I was saving a special name for Zorro's first HST ram lamb: "Zerox". "Bluff Country Zerox" What do you think? Like the copy machine. I know it's spelled wrong, but I ignore proper spelling. I've always wanted to name a Zorro son 'Zerox' but wanted him to be an HST and this is the first ram lamb that Zorro has sired with his markings.

I'm putting my weary bod to bed, before I FORGET!
Don's doing "nanny duty" while I work tomorrow....

OK, ONE picture:

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