Friday, April 07, 2006

Am I losing it?????

I could SWEAR I had another post up here. One where I mentioned my daughter being embarrassed by the udder shots of the sheep? I SWEAR I remember SEEING the post, at work yesterday. But now it's not here. I didn't delete it. I'm confused....

New post, after work, today.


  1. Yes, it was there...YOU are not crazy. But you know, when I went to comment, it gave an error message. I bet Blogger 'burped' when it was in the process of updating the site and didnt' do all the coding right. Look in your post cache and see if it's still saved there.
    And tell your daughter to chill's not HER bottom and udder we are looking at. LOLOLOL

  2. Yup, same thing happened to me...I was going to post an-udder comment and got the ERROR message.

    Either that or we`re all losing it together in a sort of strange warp-linked simultaneous wormhole...

  3. lol i saw it too, and was going to leave a comment but wasn't sure if it was 'appropriate'...something along the lines of as long as you didn't go farther than the udder i was ok and there certainly wasn't anything embarrassing in the photo ;o)

    now if you had photos up here from that 'angle' of your daughter giving birth (don't ask...i have a sick family lol) she'd have something to be concerned about...*grin*



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