Wednesday, April 19, 2006

TWO beautiful boys!

At 7:30 tonight, KitKat delivered first one and then another moorit ram lamb. I can't say that I'm not a bit surprised (not really disappointed because at least she had two healthy, handsome lambs ~ but surprised, none-the-less) that Kit Kat has STILL not given me a Katmoget lamb. The Katmoget marking is supposed to be DOMINANT! Maybe next year. ;-) Mom & sons are doing wonderfully. And with Paco as their sire, these handsome ram lambs both carry a recessive for HST markings(as evidenced by the faint white spotting on their heads), so I'm more than happy with them. KitKat does not carry spots, so I know I'll never get a spotted lamb from her but I love the Katmoget marking and she has the most exquisite fleece AND her lambs will carry spots. The boys were bouncing around before I even got them all into a jug. Tomorrow I'll get a closer look and more pictures. I'm grateful to KitKat for letting me milk out a little colostrum to save for Phoebe's lamb/s when it/they arrive...

ON THE ALICE WATCH....My lovely lady is getting close. You can see how sunken she appears around her hip bones and tail head ~ indications that her lambs have dropped into lambing position. Could be any day now. I'm still surprised at how slowly lambing has started this year! Since I witnessed 4 ewes being bred on the day I put the breeding groups together, I expected a mad rush of lambs. NOT that I'm complaining! I'd much rather have it go slow and have a break between deliveries. I'm too old for this much stress........ ;-)

Cute pictures tomorrow. I'm going to bed!


  1. I'm still hoping for a Skittles knock-off but these little guys are cuties! :)

  2. I've not seen a katmoget in my area ~ she's beautiful. Her lambs are adorable.
    No lambs here yet - I hope I'm spared a mad rush and the girls go slowly like yours. :)



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