Friday, April 07, 2006

The Countdown continues...

I still think Alice is SO beautiful! She continues to be very friendly and LOVES having her back scratched and belly rubbed. I am continuing to give Alice, Zanex and Diva alfalfa pellets, by hand, to keep them in good shape as they get closer to lambing. The rest of the girls are plenty fat.

I was so pleasantly surprised to come out of work, this afternoon, to glorious sunshine. It was raining when I went in, this morning. It's supposed to be sunny and nice all weekend. I'm starting to let the girls out into the back yard for short periods of time to graze on the rapidly growing grass back there.
Needless to say, they were quite happy with that treat! I only left them out there for five or ten minutes because I don't want anyone to bloat from the fresh grass. I'll let them out a little longer tomorrow. I do have 'rumen buffer' (baking soda) available for the sheep, free choice, at all times, so we don't usually have problems with bloat but one can never be too careful with pregnant ewes!

And this is my beautiful "Flash Flood". You may remember her as the one with the "face like an angel" from my post on March 23. Here, she's closing her eyes and completely enjoying having her chest scratched. I love happy sheep.... ;-)


  1. Green grass! ~ I'm so envious. :)
    The snow is finally gone but here in Maine you really have to look hard to see any green shoots. All in good time. The weather is getting warmer and for that we are grateful.


  2. That is absolutely the happiest sheep face I've ever seen. Now THAT deserves to go into the next calendar.



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