Saturday, April 22, 2006

All's Well...

Sorry for the break. I was totally overwhelmed and just didn't have the time or energy to post. I'm afraid I don't handle lambing all that well...

Fortunately, my GIRLS handle it MUCH better than I! Now, where did I leave off? Oh, yes...Alice's triplets, early Thursday morning...Is this little guy cute, or WHAT? He's a dark moorit (brown) ram lamb. Alice always gives me more boys than girls but I don't mind a bit because they are always of such excellent quality that I have no trouble finding good homes for them. Both the boys are moorit. And there's a beautiful, musket (will end up "oatmeal", like her mom ewe lamb who has stolen my heart. I'm calling her "April". I don't know if that name will stick or not, but it's what I call her ~ and SHE COMES up to be petted! I want an Alice daughter (to keep) SO badly, but really, REALLY want her to be solid color ~ not Ag (genetically fading from black to grey or brown to musket). I don't know. I'll have to see what else I get for girls.

Things have wild around here. After going into work 2 hours late because of Alice & her triplets, when I got home from work, Thursday afternoon, I found FLASH FLOOD in the barn with new born TWINS! I'll post separately about them. BEAUTIFUL lambs! I want to keep the little girl (so what ELSE is new??????)


  1. wooohooo...a safe delivery and TRIPLETS! way to go alice :o) (bet you are much relieved...well at least til the next ewe lambs ;o)) another lovely set of lambs!

  2. Yay! Alice...way to go. (And not stress out your mother besides...) Nancy- I have a ewe lamb that could be the doppleganger of April - tell me, what term would you use to describe her markings? My ewe has identical head markings, and a few whisps of white hair in her ears, but nice solid chocolate everywhere else...



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