Monday, July 02, 2007

Meet BELLA...

This is mia "Bella Amica" (pronounced Bell-a-meeka) ~ Italian for "my Beautiful Friend". I drove 1828 miles to get this precious little bundle of love!

To be totally accurate, I didn't drive at ALL. Katie did ALL the driving. Oh, my gosh, was it worth it! I picked the shy pup.
The gangly, awkward, silly, sweet, loving, shy puppy. She is THE sweetest thing you could imagine! She loves me. And I love her.
Heck, even SADIE loves her!!!
This was Bella's first view of her new back yard. She follows me everywhere. She was shy with the cats for about 5 minutes and then decided that they're family. She watches me go in by the sheep (I don't take her with me, yet) and follows along outside the fence. She is curious about the sheep but doesn't bark at them. (GOOD DOG!) Bella did bark today. When visitors came. We were in the backyard and she barked at them! Too cute. My little watch dog.
Although she's timid, at first, Bella learns VERY quickly and is quite curious. She got zapped by the electric fence, already and I thought for sure she'd be afraid to come into the back yard again. Sadie wouldn't come off the patio for months (in fact still hesitates!) when she got zapped! But as soon as I comforted her and she had a few minutes to think things over, Bella was romping in the yard with me, once again. She just doesn't go near the fence. SMART PUPPY!
Bella watches everything. It's like she's taking notes. She is curious and playful but not "hyper". Right now, she's napping on the rug next to my bed! I love my Bellamica....

Thank you Katie, for the wonderful weekend and for getting me safely through Minnesota, Wisconsin, across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Ohio, into New York and dipping into Pennsylvania. What a wonderful road trip we had! My Beautiful Baby Girl is THE BEST company one could ask for.

And Thank You, Linda and Pete for giving such a loving home to the lambs you've bought from me and for being the meeting place for others to pick up lambs and, most of all, for being such wonderful friends.

I am truly blessed.


  1. Terry8:46 PM


    Bella Amica is a beauty! I'm looking forward to meeting her...just back from 4 days visiting various members of Russ's family at our "farm" up north. We're here over the 4th and also next weekend.


  2. I've been waiting impatiently to find out who you would pick and when you would pick her up -- I had no IDEA she was so far away! Sounds like a match made in heaven; I'm thrilled for you! May she not only be a wonderful companion for you, but also your "girl Friday," helping you with the sheep.

  3. What a beautiful puppy, Nancy! I'm happy you found a gorgeous little girl- friend for you and your other doggie.

  4. Congratulations Nancy! She's muito bonito! Can't wait to meet her next week at the herding clinic! I'm bringing all 3 ES, including the puppy.

    Asylum Farm Sheep & Poultry
    Goochland Acres English Shepherds

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Scooter would love to meet her. We both think she is beautiful.


  6. Oh.Oh. Sweeters! Congrats to you, FurMom. Have sniff of puppy breath for me. Two smells I cherish in this life: puppy breath and baby heads (2-leggers). Sigh.

  7. Can't wait to meet her on the 13th. She looks like a cutie.

  8. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Bella is beautiful Nancy. I'm so glad your trip was uneventful and that you are sooooooooo happy with your new girl. She will fit right in so quickly, you will think she has always been on your farm!


  9. Yes, my Bella is fitting right in. She learns so fast and is such a love. Potty training is going wonderfully ~ NO accidents! ;-)

    I have to work 'till 2:30 tomorrow and then will try to get some new photos. Better get some more of the SHEEP too.....


    Happy Fourth of July, everyone!



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