Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's GROWING in the Bluff Country???

BESIDES Lambs, that is....I've never actually thought I planted a "garden", but I do seem to be acquiring quite a number of growing plants as time passes in the Bluff Country. This is one of my favorites, the "Day Lilies". They come in a variety of lovely colors and sizes...This beautiful, "Peach" is one of my favorites. I have Day Lilies planted right outside my back door as well as all along the side of my ewe barn. They are so bright and cheerful!
Also by the ewe barn, I have Clematis. This is the first year that I've had two colors, blooming at the same time! The vines fill a trellis, just outside the door into the ewe barn.

I can't remember WHAT kind of bush this is! I planted it after the second time that my ewes ate my (highly toxic to sheep) Rhododendron bush. Thank goodness my girls didn't KNOW that they are highly toxic! Nobody got sick. Just to be safe, I asked the guy at the garden center for something that would NOT be toxic to my sheep.

Another plant that my sheep love (to eat!) is "Hosta". I really should check into growing these as a "crop", since my sheep devour them, every chance they get and they continue to grow back thicker every year.

One flowering plant that the sheep DON'T like is my "Impatience". I love these brightly colored beauties. I have LOTS of colors planted between the Day Lilies and Hostas, around the ewe barn, as well as in hanging baskets between the windows of the ewe barn.

I've always loved "Geraniums" and this bright red beauty sits on the little table, next to the lawn chair I sit on, when I'm watching the rams in their pasture.

I was going to post photos of my pumpkin patch (full of BEAUTIFUL, big, yellow flowers!) and tomato & pepper plants, but I think that's enough photos for one day!

Jeez! I practically DO have a "GARDEN"!

DREAM says......."My favorites are (IN order): Clematis, Hostas and Day Lilies. YUM!


  1. Wiegelia is what the red flowered bush is!

  2. Thanks for this...everything here is brown and dry! :)

  3. And a lovely garden it is! Love that pink daylilly! T.

  4. terry8:54 PM


    Gorgeous flowers! Waiting to see pics of those peppers and tomatos--my babies! Mine from the same "flock" ;>) are huge and I am eating off of them know.




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