Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A quick note before I go to bed....

Bella is running the house! She is a stitch. She runs to the door to be let out as soon as we get up in the morning. Loves to play fetch and releases what ever I throw the second my hand touches it, when she brings it to me. She barked at Sadie today because Sadie was whining! We went for a car ride and she thought that was great fun. And she has her favorite toys...This is her DUCK. It has a squeaker that sounds like a quack.
Bella works very hard to subdue her duck...

Even when she's playing with her toys, Bella keeps a close eye on me.

It sure helps having a mature dog to help teach Bella the routine. Sadie showed her how to take the steps to get in and out and keeps her company, in the back yard, when I want a break for a few minutes. (not that I EVER need a break...)
Here, Sadie and Bella are letting me know that they're ready to go in the house. What did I ever do without this little 'Bellamica'? Then again, I am getting VERY far behind on things that I'm supposed to get done....

I did, however, get the ram lambs separated from the ewes today. NOT one of my favorite days.

My adult rams are getting FAT!!! In this photo, the obnoxious brutes have just dumped out their water bucket. I guess even the sheep get jealous when a certain puppy is monopolizing my attention....



  1. What a cute puppy you have Nancy!

    The picture you were asking about on my blog is of Bran (pronounced Brawn)- our resident raven and Skit's bud. Every morning we owe Skit one cookie "toll" to enter his pen to feed him (what a system!) and then Bran insists on his cut, so he gets a cookie on the gate post. :)

    Yes, I am just getting over the surgery pains and stiffness as I am not allowed to bend or carry anything right now. I'm not even supposed to spin with the Roberta until after the 17th when I get my apres surgery check to make sure the bone grafts are growing where they are supposed to. Oh, pook! :( So, I'm catching up on reading and TV, with naps here and there.

    Thanks for all your support and kind wishes!

  2. She is so cute Nancy! I love the tri color and she has a very intelligent look about her! I'm glad you are enjoying her so much...puppies are good for the soul.

  3. Oh Nancy I'm so glad you found such a sweet pup! She will be so much fun.

  4. Yes, Bella has added just the right touch of "joy" to my household. I haven't felt this happy in a long, long time. The only negative thing about having this delightful puppy is that I'm not spending much time with my sheep! I haven't even finished halter training the lambs!

    I need to learn to diversify my attention and not focus so intently on one thing at a time.....

    Lord, it's HOT!!!

  5. She's adorable -- and so smart!



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