Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Growing Ram Lambs...

Is he gorgeous, or WHAT ???
I can't believe that I (even for a minute!) considered wethering this ram lamb! Sure, his tail is a bit on the long side. But it's not THAT long and everything else about him is absolutely stunning. This guy deserves a chance as a flock sire...
...Mc Steamy may be white, but his sire is Bluff Country Apocalypse, which means he carries moorit AND HST spotting genetics. What an awesome ram lamb.

"BLUFF COUNTRY AMERICAN IDOL"The youngest of all the lambs this year, is also growing into an excellent quality ram lamb. He has superb top-line, great legs, a perfect tail and great looking horns. Idol is also sired by Paco, so he carries moorit and HST as well. Idol also holds his own agains all those bigger boys that he's in with now that the ram lambs are separated from the ewes. He's also a real sweetie!

Alice and Bravo's son
"BLUFF COUNTRY DYNASTY"What can I say? I would like to KEEP this ram lamb. He is perfect. There is a potential buyer, who is interested in him and I will honor her wishes if she decides to take him, but I'm actually hoping she doesn't. Dynasty (black/triplet) would be a perfect ram to use on most of my girls and the more he matures, the more I like him.

"BLUFF COUNTRY BOOMERANG" (formerly "Popcorn") Boomer is Flash Flood (and Paco's) son and is another stunning white ram lamb with gorgeous fleece, great horns, excellent conformation & a gentle temperament. I can tell Boomer from Mc Steamy because Boomer has black hooves and stripes on his horns. He definitely carries spotting genetics and moorit and is from my best fleeced line.

"BLUFF COUNTRY ECLIPSE" Sired by Windswept Bravo (black & white, HST) and Bluff Country Zest (moorit ~ dam of Paco!) Eclipse is a handsome, black ram lamb that carries HST spotting genetics on both sides of his pedigree. His conformation is excellent! His fleece is dense and soft. Eclipse is a friendly, but respectful, ram lamb who would make an excellent flock sire.

"BLUFF COUNTRY EINSTEIN" Einstein is sold, but I included his picture because he hasn't left for his new home yet. Einstein is one of Alice & Bravo's triplets ~ Dynasty and Destiny (who I am keeping!) are the other two. I swear, every lamb that Alice produces is unbelievable quality! On that note, I should mention that Alice is bred by John and Jane Eager of Highland Hollow Farm. I am forever grateful to the Eagers for selling me this exquisite beauty, six years ago...

I am so proud of ALL my ram lambs this year! Each year, the quality of our lambs gets better and better. It is such a thrill to see my breeding program paying off! Of course, all the HST's sold right away. But these 'solid' guys are truly of outstanding quality and will bring HST spotting genetics and excellent conformation into their new flock at an affordable price. (except for Dynasty who is $500!)


  1. Nancy, you make me blush. I'm so glad Alice still makes you happy. I know you make HER very happy. I've never seen a sheep fall so head over heels in love with a human like that before, or since.

  2. Hi Nancy - your ram lambs are so beautiful - in particular the 2 white
    rams. Now - if only they'd get that border open going your way - we'd have to talk about a Pedro/Boomer swap. I hope you sell them all (Hmmm- except maybe Dynasty - ;-)
    By the way - Einstein is gorgeous too!

  3. Oh, I am in big, big love with American Idol. I WANT HIM!!! I'd love to make that trip to get him but haven't figured it out yet. All your rams are lovely and praiseworthy for its breeder. You've done an awesome job, lady! Also, give that adorable newbie Bella a huge hug from all of us desert dwellers. Someday I want one just like her!

  4. I should have said their breeder. Can't drink beer and comment at the same time!


  5. I'll have to print out the pics of the boys to show to their "Grandpa" Skittles! I do keep him up on all the happenings with you and the sheep, he knows all about what nice boys you have.
    As soon as I can, I will be taking photos of our rams who are up for sale as well. Sven is a total Skit knock-off and looks every inch his sire. Ole's the ham and always wants his photo taken. And Shaun has the softest fleece I have ever felt on a lamb, with beautiful subtle markings and graceful horns.
    What more can a breeder ask for? :)

  6. Wow, I think my favorite is Boomerang. He's gorgeous!

  7. Thanks guys! Like I said ~ I am VERY proud of my lamb crop this year. I think it's the best one ever!

    And now, it looks like I WILL be able to continue breeding my precious Shetlands! I'll have to post the details as soon as things are final. It should be by the end of this month....



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