Monday, July 16, 2007

She's Baaaaaaack!

There she is... Our world famous Federal Vet Technician, KELLY, hard at work doing my flock's annual Scrapie Certification visit. As you can see, this was an exhausting job for Kelly and extremely traumatizing for "Mc Steamy".

WHAT???? We were just recovering from the exertion! Actually, the ram lambs were the fist to get 'worked over'. Kelly and I gave them their shots, put their scrapie tags in their ears and I trimmed their hooves. It is SO much easier with HELP!!!!

It's amazing how cooperative the ram lambs were when they knew there were cookies involved....

When the boys were done, we moved on to the ewes and ewe lambs. Everyone got a pedicure and the lambs all got shots and ear tags. What a relief to have that done for the year! Kelly, you're the GREATEST!!!! I couldn't do it without you. Thank you!


  1. Can I borrow her? With this surgery I haven't been able to get the ear tags in this year and I think my DH would freak at doing it. :)

  2. Again, I state my jealousy of those who have federal vets/techs who actually HELP, instead of just looking over the sheep and signing their paperwork! If Rick is ever home long enough during daylight hours to help me, I need to get tags into the two new lambies' ears....

  3. Hmmmmm... Is that the industrial size cookie jar or what??? ;)

  4. SSSSHHHhhhhhhhh! Don't let Kelly know what a gift she is! I told her that ALL the Federal Vet Tech's have to help out with tagging & trimming & shots, as part of their training......!


    Actually, Kelly's head is probably already swollen ~ I know she reads this blog.

    I do appreciate you Kelly! You make what could be a very stressful day, for me, very fun.

    Thank you!

  5. Kelly V6:20 PM

    You are very welcome Nancy!! I feel so loved and appreciated :-). My theory still is why stress them out multiple times, might as well do other things to them if they have to be penned up for me. Not that your sheep get so stressed that can't keep crunching down there cookies...but still. Sorry, Kathy, don't want to jump states, but if I decide to come work for USDA in Arizona, Nancy can let you know. It is always a pleasure to come do your inspections Nancy. Give Sadie and Bella hugs for me. They are such good girls.
    Nancy, I know they don't all have to help, and no, I don't have a swollen head, know I am just doing my job and really don't mind helping out. Besides, it rather amuses me how squimish you are about putting in your own tags and if I do it, at least I know they are in when the lambs leave like they are supposed to be :-) See, I get to pick on you right back :-)

  6. She's still a gem! Tell her Skittles says "Hi"...or at least I think it was "Hi" with a mouthful of cookies! (My cookie jar is the same size)

  7. Kelly, thank you from all of us shepherds! The inspection is so much nicer with help. Our tech - Millie - is great, too. We always end up talking about lots of things and spending probably way more time than actually needed to inspect the sheep.
    - Franna



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