Saturday, July 14, 2007

A first in the Bluff Country....

Guess what I did?????
Today was the first day that Mom let me come in with her when she went in to feed the ram lambs! I was sitting, quietly, outside the gate, like I always do, when Mom called for me to come to her....The boys were all huddled around their food dish, so I ran around them, so as not to disturb their meal and went straight to Mom. She praised me and gave me a treat and told me what a smart and wonderful puppy I am!

I figured I may as well 'quit while I was ahead' so headed back out into the back yard to watch. But Mom called me back in again! So I carefully ran around the hungry ram lambs and back to Mom. Who, once again, gave me wonderful treats and told me what a great dog I am!Back and forth ~ back and forth. Mom sure was proud of me!
We played this fun game for a while and then Mom took me down by the road to 'get the mail'. She put my long leash on my collar and as we walked down the hill, Mom would call my name. If I turned and looked at her, she told me what a good puppy I was and gave me more treats! It was WAY cool!! Pretty soon, I'd go all the way to the end of my long leash and Mom would say "Bella" and I'd run back to her for my treat. Mom said that I did very well for my first serious training. ....what ever that means.

All I know is that it was FUN!


  1. Where can I find me one of these nice dogs as good as Bella? (I just wish Shadow was such a dog-hater, as I sure would like a nice sheepdog.) But...Shad's gotta come first...for now. :)

  2. Oh...look at those eyes!!

  3. What a darling pup. May you have many, many grand times with Bella. That'll do pup. ;)

  4. It sounds like you "know the lingo" Shaun! I don't!! Any recommendations for training materials? I'm not looking for a 'trial' dog ~ I just want to be able to help Bella develop her natural potential.

    She is SO awesome!!

  5. Great job, Bella, and you look so cute whilst training. What an awesome dog you are!

  6. Hi Nancy, If I had to sum up training pups (or 2-leggers ;))in one word: consistancy. Follow through in all your commands and make the term the same each time. Her name first, then the command.

    Does "down" mean lie-down? or is to mean "get down off something"? I had "off" for the bed/people until Barucha (3yrs in Dec) spoke more fluent 'people'. Now she understands down/off depending on the situation. End your commands with a PERIOD. A firm, steady voice and do not add a question mark. As in Sit? maybe. please. huh, w/sugar. Lots of "good pup".

    Find a term for potty. If she travels with you- noise/environment can keep pups from doing their business. I use "HURRY" for tinkle and "FINISH" for poop.( yes, they actually learned this) My friend Karol started this, and sometimes she keeps my guys for a weekend if I go somewhere the pups can't go. So the terms are the same for her dogs as mine.

    I trained Barucha to sit B4 a treat and B4 going out a door. It's a dominance issue. I am alpha not the kiddos.;) Just keep on talking to Bella. She will speak 'people' in no time. I use the word "NO" with the action. As in "no kisses". I have been told just tell them "no". But you see, now all my dogs know more words that way. Pick a word for being gentle. I use "easy" and "its a baby,easy" when they meet smaller dogs. As I have a Dobe, Rotti-X, and an Aussie- every dog is a smaller one. LOL

    I may have told you things you are already well aware of, so pardon me if I have. I think Bella is going to be exceptional as companion, friend and working girl.
    Cheers and Woofers.

  7. Your pics and narrative are adorable, especially the last one! Bella is going to be one amazing, HAPPY, dog!



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