Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Sorry...
...and I Need Your Help!!!

I'm sorry for being such a BAD blogger!
I've been busy filling out home mortgage loan applications and trying to get all my financial matters in order. I am REALLY hopeful that I will be able to buy Don out and keep my home. I better, since I'm gonna have TWO dogs again...

Pretty much ever since Buddy died, I have been frantically looking for a puppy. Not so much to "replace" Buddy ~ that can't happen any more than Buddy could ever have replaced "Rocky". But Sadie is already nine years old and I have to get another dog and bond with it before anything happens to HER. Hence, my frantic search for a puppy. I decided that if I was going to get another dog, I may as well get one that can HELP ME OUT around here. So, I researched "Working Farm Collies" and found what I think will be my perfect next dog.

My search is finally coming to an end. The last weekend of June, my Beautiful Baby Girl (aka: Katie ~ my youngest daughter) and I are going to take a road trip and pick up my new English Shepherd Puppy! I am SO excited. I can hardly sleep at night and all I can do when I'm at home is look up more information about English Shepherds and all the pictures I can possibly find of them on the Web. I have searched MANY breeders both in and out of the US before I found my beautiful Tri-colored little girl. And now I've got to pick between TWO of them!
This first little doll is the first pup that I fell in love with. In this picture she's about 4 weeks old. She's a bit scared here because her breeder put her on a SWING to take the picture and she's not used the the ground moving beneath her.OK. Fine. I'm in love. This is the puppy I've been searching for. A beautiful, Tri-color with white legs, a blaze and a white tip on her tail. (sound familiar???)

Then, dear breeder has to go and send me THIS picture:NOW what the heck am I supposed to do??? This is the beautiful sister to the first pup. I love all the white on her front legs and chest. The breeder assures me that there is virtually NO difference between these two pups, personality wise. Both are self confident and fearless around livestock. Great.

Here's my sweetie at 11 weeks. Again, scared on the swing. I love the brown on her legs. I'm hoping to see a picture of her playing so I can a more natural expression.

And here's the gorgeous SISTER! What do I DO??????? I would like to see the two pups together and see if one chooses ME. But that may not be possible as I can't get there to pick mine up until the last weekend in the month and one will probably be sold by then. So I have to chose! :-(


DREAM says... "I hear that dog's supposed to be some kind of 'herding' and 'guardian' dog. I suppose I'm going to have to TRAIN her....A ewe's work is never done!"


  1. Kelly V10:08 AM

    I vote go with the one you originally fell in love with or you may regret it later. I like her sisters markings alot but they are both adorable. Stick with your heart on the first one.

  2. I agree with Kelly; go with your first impulse. They are both adorable though, too bad you can't keep them both.

    I am doing my best to send positive thoughts your way, aimed at you keeping your lovely place with your gorgeous sheep. I really wish I could take one but it's a long drive from Arizona to Minnesota and back. I love the markings and need new blood if we are going to lamb next year, either that or build a series of fences we can't afford to erect. Oh, well, maybe the next year. Hugs and very good luck; you deserve it!

  3. Shula1:50 PM

    I actually love the expression on the second dogs face. Very relaxed for something new which to me would say adapts quickly. Oh and handles a swing = might not get as car sick. Always a bonus.

    Sorry to make your decision tougher, they are both adorable though.

    By the way I've loved all the new pictures of the lambs. I can't wait for them to arrive!

  4. Oh Nancy #4 looks like a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog! Gorgeous! BUt the last comment made sense about the swing. I realize she didn't know what it was, but if #8 is fearless like that, it might make the ride back to MN easier for both of you. But I still picked #4 first too! :) See how much help I was??!!!

  5. you guys are supposed to just look at markings. The breeder whistled to get the second pup to perk her ears.

    I'm thinking #1 (4 to you, Garrett) is more in keeping with the markings that I breed for ~ HST). #2 (8 to Garrett) is more of a 'flecket'. Not that I don't like fleckets ~ I DO. But I breed for HST. Plus, all that white hair on my dark green carpet....

    I really do wish I could get them both. Oh yeah, and the breeder also sent me a picture of a GORGEOUS tri-color MALE...

  6. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Hi Nancy,
    You do have a tough choice to make. :0) Congratulations on a new pup.
    I am the proud owner of a farm collie. A tri-colored male at that. He is 7 this year and my absolute best friend. He will move the sheep, cows, goats, chickens or anything else that needs moving. He sleeps beside my bed, rides in my truck and goes pretty much everywhere I am. Whenever anyone is looking for me, they just look for Banjo. They are extrodinary dogs and you will absolutely love the one you choose.
    Best of luck with your decision.


  7. How nice to hear from you Deb! So your farm collie is not intimidated by the Shetlands? I'll be bringing my "Bella" home next weekend and I can't wait! Perhaps you can give me some training pointers?????


  8. Lots of white on the legs shows lots of mud...When I went to choose from 3 Aussies-17 years ago for my Cardigan-one had this type of white frontage. She dropped off the list because, between the outside play, all my dogs have bed/house priv's. Oh my, what a choice. Have a grand time with the new puppers. Cheers, Shaun-FurMommie to Gunther(dobe), Hannah(rotti-X), Barucha(aussie), Enoki and Finch(kittles). Oh...and Raku the peachie.

  9. Oh Nancy - they are so adorable, I cried so much when your other dog passed away, so I know that a new puppy will also help you with the healing process. Anyway- I'm gonna be no help at all and say - throw caution to the wind and get all three. Ok - all kidding aside, I'd go with the the first choice you had.
    However - I agree - these choices are never easy. Good luck - and congratulations. And my hopes and wishes are with you that you can get your mortgage.

  10. Nancy, I'm jealous! I WANT AN ENGLISH SHEPHERD! There is even a breeder within an hour's drive that is going to have a litter this summer, but the timing isn't right. I'm sure you'll love your new pup, and post lots of photos of her on your blog, and make me even more jealous....

    By the way, I vote for the sister. Markings aside, I really do think she shows a better disposition in the situational photos. But then again, if it was me, I'd probably go with a male!

  11. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hey Nancy...
    if you have a farm, and if all other agencies deny a loan, the Feds have a guaranteed farm loan system. Start looking at all the farm loan options out there, rather than regular mortgage companies that don't value the farm, only the house per say...if you haven't already done so, look into them. Good luck!!!

  12. NANCY! Get them both! :-) I like them both....and they'll grow up together!


  13. As much as I like the brown on the first puppy's legs..
    I think I'd choose the lass who is not afraid of the swing. If you're looking for a working dog, you don't really want one who is skittish...
    However, asking for pictures of the puppies on the ground, at play is a great idea..



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