Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lamb Update....

The lambs are growing so quickly it's hard to keep up with them as they change! Most are very friendly, although MY "Dilemma" still will not let me pet her. Possibly because I make a point to socialize and tame the lambs that are sold and moving to new homes first?

Although, my beautiful "Tiara" (shown here hiding behind her brother "McDreamy" has managed to avoid my touch. I need to work on that!

Socrates is GORGEOUS!!!! As is "American Idol" (still available!)

Einstein will be staying in Minnesota, so I'll get to watch him grow up and see his babies! He's going to be a beautiful ram.

It's HOT outside today. I better get out and get some mowing done. I'll use the rider....

FANTASY says.... ..."I'm gonna get me a CAT!"

1 comment:

  1. Is Dilemma the flashy moorit? That lamb is STUNNING! Can't wait to meet my new lambs this Friday. I hope they are as nice as described....



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