Sunday, June 03, 2007

Does This Face Look Familiar...?

This is GLITTER. Alice's daughter! She hasn't been sheared yet and has 'fence neck' ~ where all the wool from around her cheeks and the top of her neck is rubbed off ~ but isn't she beautiful??? She looks SO much like her mom! Glitter lives with Kim Nikolai and I got to visit her yesterday. She remembered me! Followed me around and stuck to me like glue. Loved being petted and scratched. Kim says that Glitter wouldn't let her touch her! Hopefully, that will be a thing of the past now that she's gotten used to being petted again. She even let Kim pet her.

Glitter was one of Alice's triplets, last year. Here's Alice with this year's triplets. They are getting so big! (note that my sheep do NOT always pose for my camera!)

Since I like the headshot of Glitter so much, I decided to post some other nice headshots of my lambs...This is Einstein, one of Alice's '07 triplets. He is SO striking. An extremely nicely put together ram lamb. Of course, I would expect nothing less from Alice!

Speaking of striking ram lambs: This is one of Phoebe's triplets, Bluff Country Mc Dreamy.He is, quite possibly one of the best ram lambs that we have ever produced. His fleece is exquisite ~ very "UK" in nature. Extremely fine & tightly crimped. This ram lamb impresses me so much that I have decided that, if I don't get him sold, I will use him for breeding this fall. He is stunning!

Then there's my beautiful Bella Luna. I love this ewe lamb. She is so delicate and refined and very friendly.

Another lovely ewe lamb who has recently decided to be my friend is Calypso.Calypso surprised me by being fawn under that moorit fleece. Calypso is sold but Bella and this beauty are still available...

"Bluff Country Gemini". Gemini is a real lover and has incredibly thick fleece with lots of curls already on her cheeks and poll.

Since I posted Mc Dreamy, I thought I'd better show his brother Bluff Country Mc Steamy. Mc Steamy is beautiful and a real sweet ram lamb, with very nice fleece but his tail's a bit too long and his topline is not as level as I like so I will be wethering him and he will be available as a fiber pet or ram companion.

I better stop before I burn up all my (and everyone else's) bandwidth. Not that I really even know what that means!


For those of you who have been wondering: Thursday went better than I'd feared ~ but worse than I'd hoped. I'm still not sure how things will end up. I'm going to go out and try to get a loan to buy Don out. Anyone want to lend me seventy-five thousand dollars????? Don't worry. I haven't given up. I've still got a lot of fight left...

Dream says......"You're neglecting my babies again, Mom!"


  1. Wow Nancy, Glitter may be living at Kim's, but she is still HHF stock isn't she. Amazing how those Jane fleeces stand out. I'll be looking forward to visiting Kim, to see if I can tell which one is Glitter.

  2. $75,000 doesn't sound too bad (don't ASK how much we owe on our place!). I do so hope it all works out for you. We Shetland people want to see Bluff Country Shetlands "cranked out" for many years to come!

  3. Wasn't Glitter the lamb that Kim's dog mangled? I seem to remember she was recovering for a while from that one. She looks so sweet - but then, she's a Bluff Country sheep, isn't she? ;)

    I wish I had the money to send you! Ralph was just asking me how much places were in your area. We're starting that pre-retirement search and are unsure as to move towards (my) home or the NW. AZ is nice, but we miss green and being able to grow things without a tremendous water bill.

    Keep your chin up, Kiddo. We're all sending Good Vibes your way!

  4. PS: I posted to Bill's blog about the "affluenza" - we see it alot here in the SW. Terrible illness of people trying to out-do each other with "things" like big cars and more "toys" just because the neighbors have them. It's pretty rampant in Flag. And I guess having money doesn't have anything to do with it, because the folks I've seen who have it have no money 'cause they've spent it all on big homes, fancy cars, and all sorts of "things" to make them "happy".
    I'm one of those people who thinks we should take a giant leap backwards and start de-stressing. (My neighbor has her cell-phone to her ear before she even gets into her truck for work each morning. Makes me wonder how DID we all live before cell phones?)

  5. Yes, Mary Ellen, Alice and Glitter definitely look like Jane's breeding. Not only that but I visited another Shetland breeder this past weekend (Sue Hammond?) and she also had a HHW ewe who looked like a clone of Alice! Of course, I wanted to bring her home....

    I can't wait to see what Alice's black daughter (by Bravo) grows up to look like!

    Thanks for the good wishes, Michelle and Kathy ~ I'm not giving up yet ~ which, considering where I was, mentally, just a couple of months ago, is saying a LOT! ;-)

  6. Well, I could have SWORN I left you a comment yesterday - maybe I just previewed it and forgot to publish - Oh, well -

    Your babies are all so cute. It is fun to see them come into personalities, isn't it? I just "missed" you yesterday when you stopped in to my blog (I have a site counter that tells me when people stop by - it's very interesting!) Anyhow - I'm sending good vibes your way - wish I could win a lottery & be able to help you out. T.



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