Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I love this time of the year. Everything is so green and lush. I moved the girls over to fresh pasture yesterday. One would think they were starving!

As you can see, the paddock they were in is not exactly all used up. But their favorite areas are all chewed down so it's time to move them and rest the field they
were in.
After I move the ewes & lambs, I go in and mow the paddock that they were just in. This evens up the growth (I like it to look pretty) and keeps the stuff they don't eat from taking over. Plus, it gives me something to do! Outside. With. The. Sheep.

DREAM (and her son, Dream Weaver) says......"MMMmmmm! Good stuff..."


  1. That's it...rub it in...wave that lush grass under our noses...you know, this borders on cruelty for some of us...those of us in the dry areas...(sniff, sniff)...I won't forget this, Nancy.


  2. Sorry Kat ~ you're more than welcome to come, anytime, and mow. You can keep all the clippings! Seriously, I wish there WAS a way I could bale up the grass clippings. It seems such a waste to just let them decompose, when I know that I'll be buying hay in just a few months...

  3. At least your hays are in a better price range than the $20/bale here for orchard grass hay. Thank Heavens these sheep don't eat as much as a horse would! ;-)

  4. Hey Nancy - love your lambs this year.
    I hope you're working hard on that calender - and you'd better sign me up for one.

    Anyway - can I put you up as a link on my blog?

  5. Terry7:46 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I too wish I could bale up all the grass Erica and I have--we can if we find someone with a small baler who will cut it.

    Letting it decompose isn't so bad, though, because it keeps the soil healthy and regenerates it's capability to grow hay next year.

    Your babies are getting so BIG! My but Dream's boy looks like her!




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