Friday, June 15, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again...

It's that time of year again!
I gave the first halter lessons to lambs today. Zest's son, "Eclipse" was the first one up to me so he got to go first...As you can see, he was thrilled. Actually, Eclipse stood very nicely, while I put the halter on him. The best I've ever had any lamb or sheep stand for getting one on! Of course, then I tried to get him to move...Notice how concerned all the other sheep were for poor, frightened Eclipse. NICE friends! Don't worry, in less than 5 minutes, Eclipse figured out that if he stepped toward me, he got an animal cracker. Needless to say, before long we were marching around the pasture.

Piggish Beautiful miss Polka Dot never even hesitated. She followed me right off the bat. "COOKIES"!!!

Since Zodiak's daughters are so friendly (and Gemini is still for SALE), I decided to do Gemini next. She was not quite as willing as her sister Polka Dot was. It took a little longer than the other two, but Gemini DID finally get the idea. We ended on a good note ~ with her stepping toward me and getting a cookie.

Three down and 17 to go..... (OMG!!)

Things are going pretty well, here in the Bluff Country. I'm checking into financing so that I can buy out Don's share of our home. So far so good. I'm missing my big black puppy but Sadie and I have been going for walks and doing lots of snuggling. And ~ I have a secret! But I can't tell you. Yet. I'm hoping to get permission to post some pictures of what I've been up to for the past couple of days...

DREAM says.... ..."Don't ask ME! I've hardly seen Mom at all until she came out to work with the babies this afternoon..."


  1. Oh, surprises? We love surprises! T.

  2. You have the most lovely sheep and surroundings, bar none. Never in my life have I considered living in Minnesota until I started reading your blog. Beautiful!

    I haven't halter trained any of my sheep, but I don't plan on showing them either. Do you think it is necessary for pet sheep?

  3. Thank you Lauren! I do so love it here. It's like living in Paradise.
    I definitely recommend halter breaking all sheep. It makes them SO much easier to handle and move. Once they like animal crackers it is very easy to train them. They'll walk through fire for an animal cracker! Just imagine ~ instead of having to carry or push/drag a struggling lamb or ewe (or RAM!), you simply slip it's halter on it and it walks, quietly by your side. Makes it much nicer for new owners too, when they can walk their new sheep into it's new barn or paddock. ;-)



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