Thursday, June 07, 2007


My favorite ram lamb, of the season, is sold. "BLUFF COUNTRY MC DREAMY" will be making his home in Illinois, later this summer. I have very mixed feelings about selling this ram lamb.It's always nice to place a nice quality ram lamb in a good breeding home, but I was half hoping that he wouldn't sell and I'd use him on a couple of my girls this fall! His fleece is incredible!

On the other hand, I am supposed to be cutting my flock back, and trying to scrape together the money to buy my home, so I am very grateful for each sheep or lamb that I have sold. Here are some of my friends who are contributing to the "Save Bluff Country Shetlands Fund"....


"BLUFF COUNTRY CALYPSO"and her twin sister...


Calypso and Gypsy are both out of "SHELTERING PINES SAVANNAH". Savannah is also moving on to a new flock. I'm going to MISS my "Little Savannah Banana" but I have her daughter and I had to sell two adult ewes in order to keep two ewe lambs.

I'm sure I'll cry when "BLUFF COUNTRY FANTASY" leaves for her new home...

"BLUFF COUNTRY TIARRA", sister to McDREAMY & McSTEAMY, is also sold. As is her beautiful dam:

"LOST LAKE FARMS PHOEBE" Shown here with McDreamy and Tiara. Phoebe has given me the most exquisite lambs and I will miss her sweet face terribly! But I have her daughter FLASH FLOOD who passes on Phoebe's beautiful fleece to her lambs, so the legacy continues.


Jewel's handsome twin brother:"BLUFF COUNTRY SOCRATES". Socrates hasn't posed for many pictures lately. He's too busy EATING! His horns are much larger now and he is an awesome looking ram lamb.

If I HAD to pick a favorite from the ewe lambs that I've sold, it would have to be:"BLUFF COUNTRY POLKA DOT". She is SO beautiful and reminds me very much of DREAM as a lamb. Fortunately, I know Polka Dot's going to a wonderful home.

Speaking of moving on to a new home, both of my boys "WINDSWEPT BRAVO" and BLUFF COUNTRY BLACK DIAMOND" are also sold. Things are going to get mighty quiet around here...

DREAM says......"I'm staying right here with Mom!"

That you are Dreamer. We've still got three lovely ewe lambs and several VERY nice ram lambs left for sale. Next week we'll start...HALTER LESSONS!



  1. You've done a fantastic job of selling sheep, Nancy. Good for you! I'm wishing you the best in keeping the place and your beautiful sheep.

  2. With my whole heart, Nancy, I am hoping and wishing for things to work out for you and your flock. My only regret is that (due to what's going on with me) I can't come and get a few to come and live with us.
    You are, and have been, a person who has had a program to breed for excellent sheep with wonderful markings. Bluff Country will always mean "The Best" as far as we're concerned. And may you have many, many more breeding seasons left! We believe in you!

    Hugs from the SW and Mr. You-Know-Who!

  3. Nancy - such great pictures! Are you making a calendar for 2008?

    p.s. don't forget to come and enter my bloggapalooza contest this weekend!

  4. Kelly V12:07 PM

    You can always loan the ram lamb that you like back for breeding. Since you won't have any males on the place from the sounds it, that is an option. Won't affect your SFCP status either.

  5. Terry9:56 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I'm sad thinking about not seeing Buddy again--he was a sweetheart. My heart goes out to you. But you did the right thing at the right time, and thank you for sharing his last beautiful play session with those of us who haven't seen him for a few weeks.

    Your lambs are so beautiful and I'm glad for your sake you have sold many lambs and some ewes. Talk to you soon.



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