Friday, July 04, 2008

Have You Seen My Sister......?

Poor Thorn! He misses his sister (Flower). I am often asked if the ewes cry for their babies when the little ones move on to a new home. They sometimes do. But, not nearly as much as any remaining twins do!

I am feeling a bit sad for Thorn, these past few days. Both he and Rosie wander around baaing, looking for their beautiful Flower. I feel particularly bad because Flower was Rosie's first Girl (ewe lamb) and I think she misses her...


Thorn is growing up VERY nicely! I shouldn't be surprised as his dam (Bluff Country Dusty Rose) is the dam of our awesome "Bluff Country American Idol". Rosie has proven that she produces excellent lambs from multiple sires.
I should have kept Flower.......


  1. But you can't keep them all Nancy and you find the best and greatest homes for your babies. Along with sending along beautiful lambs you send amazing joy to their new owners. So you should consider yourself a purveyor of happiness.

  2. Terry9:45 PM


    I just love Rosie and ALL her descendents! I love all your animals, but Rosie was a favorite right from the start.

    Thanks for a great day today, Nancy. One less golden swamp creature in the bunch--Godiva is now "trimmed up." And some framework for new fencing...Ia lways learn much in my apprenticeship with you. Keep knitting!

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I tried to comment on this yesterday, but it got lost in blogsphere, I reckon. Anyway, Thorn is a beauty. It's really amazing how closely the twins bond--I believe it is even stronger than the mother/lamb bond at times. Even at 3 or 4 months they will still snuggle up together at night, always touching. It's hard sometimes to break them up and sell them, but you are sending them to good loving homes where they will forge new bonds and friendships. That is the best a shepherd can do.



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