Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mom's Been Very, VERY Busy....

Yes I have, my beautiful "Cassy"! In addition to finally getting all of the lambs away from their moms (I JUST caught Angel and put her in with the ewe lambs this morning!), and fencing in a new pasture for the ewes...

I figured since the deer had eaten the bottom 5 feet of my pine trees last winter, I may as well let the sheep in by them. Now I don't have to mow around the pines and the sheep have fun browse, back scratchers and plenty of shade!

When the heat's too much for me to bear, I've been SPINNING. I got back on track for the Tour De Fleece and finished up the red roving that I need to finish a shawl that I'm knitting at work.

I love the color of this roving/yarn and it's wonderfully soft ~ but the silk blended in with the merino gives the fiber a "bite" when I'm spinning it and I'm glad to be done. I've got a sore index finger (almost like a paper cut!) from spinning the stuff! I'll be happy to be back to Shetland....

Speaking of Shetland:

I have to admit: I'm a bit disappointed in myself. The colored yarn in this skein is from bits of wool that I've rooed off the necks of my girls, over the years. I've been spinning it "in the grease" and "from the lock". I have to admit, I hate spinning from the lock and in the grease. Give me roving ANY day!! I WAS going to ply this yarn back on it's self (some day) but Really needed an extra bobbin to ply my red I just plied my multi-colored Shetlnad with a single strand of "Alice" that I had sitting around (using another bobbin) and that gave me two more bobbins! It also completely ruined the effect of the multi colored locks of Shetland....

at least it's soft

Another BIG project I've been working on is this:

I am going to build a retaining wall!
Out. Of. ROCKS.
I've been gathering big rocks from rock slides along the side of the road for several weeks now. I stop on my way home from work, or to work, or when I'm running into town for something.

This WILL be a long ~ drawn out project. It will probably take me years.

But I think it will be neat. I need the retaining wall to keep the gravel from washing away from around the new barn.

Now, I'd better hop in the shower and get ready for work! This was supposed to be my 3 day weekend off, but we're so busy that they've offered overtime PLUS $5.00 GAS CARDS for every 2 hours of overtime we pick up! I'll be buying hay soon, so figure I better work while the money's good!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. You are an inspiration to every spinner. I need to be more diligent and spin every day. I love the yarn you spun.

    Are you going to use Mason's Mix on the remaining levels of the wall to bind the stones together or just stack them? What a hefty project.

  2. I agree Nancy, that retaining wall is a hefty project for sure! It will be nice when it's done though. And I think your Shetland yarn looks very nice, maybe not what you originally intended, but very nice none the less!

  3. Good for you! The rock wall will be a lasting testament of your hard work to live the life you want, despite the many hurdles. We are women, hear us roar. ;-) I can't believe it's already time for weaning and for the little ones to go off to their new homes. Always a bittersweet time.

  4. Love your usual. I made a retaining wall once when we lived in Arkansas. Over 2 years, we built a wall built into a hill about 4 feet tall and I loved it. Good luck with yours!

  5. Knit a sample of your barber pole yarn before you decide you don't like it. I have some commercial barber pole yarn that, when knit, makes nice neat stripes of the "other" colors, and you don't notice the color that runs through the whole thing at all.....

  6. Love your yarn I'm sure you will like the results once you knit some. This must be the year of the "rock" so much rock work being done by all the lady blogers!

  7. Love both your yarns AND your rock wall. A gas-saving tip, though; load them up on your way home so they are in your car for the shortest length of time. The extra weight lowers your fuel efficiency, so don't pack them back and forth!

  8. katie4:51 PM

    What beautiful pictures! It's been ages since I had a chance to browse your blog, so today I had tons to look through. You should feel proud too, the Officer in my class, a Navy Helicopter Lietenant Commander, came over to the computer to look at all your animals too, and he was impressed :)

  9. Wow. Did you put up the fence all by yourself?



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