Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So, I joined the "Tour De Fleece" and am spinning every day. What a great inspiration!

Although I have a "real" goal in mind, I'm starting out by spinning up this beautiful multi-red, merino/silk combed top (I'm SORRY fellow Shetland enthusiasts! I bought it years ago!). I started a shawl out of yarn I'd spun from this stuff and am almost out of yarn so now's as good a time as any to get it spun!

The shawl is an excellent project for me to knit when I'm at work and things are slow. Most of it is garter stitch with an ocassional row of yarn overs ~ basically, mindless knitting.

As soon as I get enough of this spun up to keep me knitting for awhile, I'm going to get at my REAL project for the Tour...


I'm going to substitute natural Shetland colors for the colors used in this wrap! It'll take me forever, but I think it will be well worth the effort. So far, I've started rolling balls of roving of some of the natural colors that I have on hand.

I have several more fleeces that are being processed and am waiting for them to be done ~ plus I've got a bunch of bags of washed fleece that I need to take to the processor. It will be fun sorting through the various shades of fawn/moorit & mioget as well as the black/greys & isets of my flock.

I'm thinking of doing a spin/knit/along with other Shetland enthusiasts, if anyone would like to join me, as I'm sure I won't get anywhere close to done during the "Tour"....


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Hi Nancy
    I've joined the Tour as well. I'm traveling continuously now so spindling is my thing and I'm committed to spindle every day.

    Do you sell your fleeces/rovings?


  2. I DO sell fleeces and rovings, Ann! I just don't Advertise them!!


    Email me, privately, for prices and availability....


  3. Terry9:33 PM


    Good for you--what lucious rovings you have to work with! I love the red shawl but can hardly wait to see all the Shetland colors you come up with for your quilt-effects scarf!


  4. No need to apologize for that luscious red stuff! I didn't join the Tour, but yesterday I started spinning some dark brown Shetland for a vest. I must admit, it's not as fun as the pretty sparkly dyed merino that I just finished!

  5. Wow - that red is GORGEOUS! I'm a bit jealous!!




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