Monday, July 28, 2008

la lanterne rouge...

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For those not familiar with the cycling world, the term "lanterne rouge" (="red lantern", in reference to the lamps on the last car of a train) is used to refer to the cyclist who, well, comes in last in the race.

And it has a kind of mythology all its own -- while normally you wouldn't think to celebrate coming in last, tour riders and fans do, for a very simple reason. If you're coming in last, it means you're still on the Tour. It means you've actually finished the Tour, which is rather an accomplishment all on its own.

The Race is over. I give you evidence of why I feel that I deserve the red jersey:

This is what happens when I attempt to ply my over spun singles from a center pull ball!

I actually started out with one strand of yarn from the center of the ball and the second one from around the outside of the ball. As I ply, the center of the ball comes globbing out (technical spinning term for those of you not "in the know") and the strand from the outside of the ball tangles with it's self and from the mess from the center of the ball.

Not a particularly effective technique for me. At least I tried. Now to see if I can untangle this mess and salvage any usable yarn from it!

On a more POSITIVE note:

I've started flick carding some of the white Shetland and white mohair that I'm going to spin for one of the colors in my "Modern Quilt Wrap".

With any luck at all, I may just be knitting on this by NEXT year's Tour De Fleece...

Coming tomorrow...

...DREAM returns!



  1. My sister worked in a Wool Shop in Marion, Iowa & when we vacationed together she had me knit a (large)wool purse & felt it. Well, I am a beginning knitter & it looks like a bucket you feed a horse from! For a long time it hung out in a dark closet & I thot of throwing it away, but now that I have grown to love your Dream & Chance I think i am beginning to get a little attached to it. Your pictures of the wayward yarn reminded me of the many times my sister made me backstitch that bag,,whew! knit knit knit

  2. Too bad about the plying. My condolences. On the few occasions that I have plied from a center-pull ball I wound it onto a nostepinne and LEFT it on the nostepinne for plying. That way I could slide the ball down to the thicker part of the shaft as the inside got used up. It's worked out well, but it's still a nerve wracking process.

    Oh, and the white fiber looks absolutely luscious.

  3. Been there, done that Nancy - sorry :( It's a pain in the butt for sure. Love the color of the yarn - I hope you can save it. It will be worth the effort.
    The roving is beautiful -

    kudos to you - at least your spinning - my poor wheel just keeps collecting dust. Just can't seem to find time to use it :(

  4. HA!! That was hilarious... the picture after "let me give you some evidence as to why i feel i deserve the lantern" sooo funny



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