Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot & MUGGY...

That's a Midwest term for MISERABLE!

The ewes are busy just trying to stay cool. They seek out shade and relief from the insects where ever they can find it. I did move the girls to the side pasture this morning because they have the benefit of lots of trees for shade.

Not a lot of action photo opportunities!

My Dreamer sure is looking good, for a 2 year old ewe that just raised triplets!

Mystery (for sale!) and Prima Dona want to go in with the BIG girls...

CHANCE says...

..."If you want CUTE you're going to have to come back into MY paddock, Mom!"

I'll be there soon, Sweetie ~ HALTER LESSONS begin, in earnest, this weekend!


  1. You are right. Dream does look like her old self. Motherhood becomes her.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and giving the kind review - much appreciated!

    Can't wait to find out what happens with the eggs, and to read more of the adventures of your pretty fleecy girls!

    And that is JUST NOT FAIR about the return of the menses. That cessation, as far as I can tell, is the ONLY compensation we get for all the other unpleasantries of getting to be an Old Broad (well, that and saying/doing what we like because we don't have time to waste any more...) Is there a Complaints Department for that particular breach of contract?

  3. Welcome, Eileen!
    Oh, trust me ~ if there was a "complaint department", I would have inundated them by now!!!


  4. Anonymous11:07 PM

    It has been miserable here too, we used to raise Shetlands:-P

  5. It's hot and muggy here too, with all of us (me and the critters) laying low and trying not to be too cranky. Your girls look really good, coming off raising the lambs. I'm hoping we get some rain to break this spell of heat soon!

  6. Hi Nancy,

    Your overtwisted red yarn in the previous blog looks just like mine--I hope you haven't caught something from me. Is that our Godiva I see in some of those pics? (hanging out with Flash and Dream...

  7. We've had hot and dry. I'd gladly trade you for humid and lush pastures! We have already had to suppliment with hay. My poor Shetlands are wondering what's happening!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Your kind words are appreciated! :)



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