Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's About THAT Time Again....

THIS is what started it:

Zest's single ram lamb is HUGE! He's almost as big as his dam and towers over all the other lambs.

When I saw him with the ewe lambs this morning (that's him, behind Chance, at the mineral feeder in the barn), and chasing around some of the adult ewes, I decided that it's time to separate the ram lambs.

I started with these four:





~ MOON SHADOW ~ (the moose!).

I left Thorn in with Rosie for a few more days because he's the smallest of all the ram lambs and Renegade in with Alice 'till this weekend as I don't like to pull twins off at the same time and she's got quite a large udder.

What a great photo op!! I've had a difficult time getting interesting pictures the last couple of weeks because all the lambs want to do is graze.

Nothing like a little separation anxiety to get some nice photographs!

Now I've got to go SPIN before I leave for work.....


  1. Great photos Nancy - and of course, gorgeous lambs :O) Love the photo of the lamb and the chickens!
    I hate weaning time as well but I know it's necessary. I learned the hard way what a 3 1/2 month old ram lamb can do :(

    Good luck - it will be over soon!

  2. Wow, White Night is GORGEOUS! All of the boys are, but boy, he really caught my eye! :)

  3. Gosh, time flies so quickly doesn't it? They've only just been born and it's weaning time! They look great :o)



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