Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Saying Good-Bye...

I always feel sad when my ewe lambs leave for their new homes.

Here, "BLUFF COUNTRY FLOWER" is waiting for her new owners to come get her and take her to her new home in North Carolina. Everyone should have to move close to me!!!

On the other hand, Flower (along with Sandman, Sleeping Beauty and Sunshine) are going to a wonderful new home with an incredible family, where they will be loved and cared for and carry on a HST breeding program in North Carolina!

My beautiful Dreamer waited with Sleeping Beauty and Sandman.

This was my beautiful Sunshine's very first time walking while wearing a halter!

Although Sandman and Sleeping Beauty walked willingly with their new owners, Sunny and Flower took a little coaxing to leave the only home they've ever known.

So Bella helped 'encourage' them to leave their pasture. She is such a good dog!

So, it is with mixed emotions that I say good-bye
to my beautiful SUNSHINE...


(who is with me on my "icon" photo!)...

Take good care of my girls, SANDMAN...

I'm already looking forward to seeing the Orr family again next year, when they're coming back to pick up a ram lamb from next year's babies! In the meantime, they've promised to keep me updated with emails and photos of their beautiful new Shetlands. Thank you Melissa & Bryan! It was wonderful meeting your whole family!


  1. Oh Nancy how bitter sweet! I love Sunshine and I will miss seeing her pictures on your blog. That is great she is going with others she knows and to a nice family. Maybe next year if you have another Moiget, it will have to come live in NY. I don't have that color yet. Saying good bye I think will be one of the hardest parts for me in this venture. I get so attached. I know I miss my favorite ewe lamb from this year but am enjoying my new sweeties.

  2. Oh my gosh that makes me so teary eyed. It looks like they are going to a wonderful home. Do the mommas handle the absence of their little ones well?

  3. All of the moms have other lambs yet, so don't appear upset. Although, poor Dreamer has a mighty full udder and her remaining triplet, Catnap, has a bit of diarrhea from the sudden over supply of milk! I often find that the remaining lambs miss their siblings much more than the ewes appear to...

    I got an email from Melissa (the new Mom for my babies) last night saying that they've arrived safely in North Carolina and the lambs are all doing very well and seem happy in their new home!



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