Monday, June 30, 2008

DREAM gets a new "Do".......

My sweet Dreamer didn't look quite as bad as some of my 'Swamp Creatures' but still was in need of some tidying up.

I was able to roo the old wool off of her neck but she really didn't like me pulling on that on her body. So, hand shearing it was...

Dream's babies stayed close and watched the whole process. I hope they took notes!

DREAM says....

...."I feel MUCH better! Some nice people came to visit last night and Mom said two of my babies are going to go live with them ~ far, FAR away (in North Carolina!). I'm going to miss Sandman and Sleeping Beauty (especially Sleeping Beauty!) but the people they are going to go live with are very nice and Mom said they'll take VERY good care of my babies...."

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