Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet My Ewe & Lamb Gaurdian....

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If you were a predator, would YOU want to mess with this giant, Angora Goat????

It's amazing what a little perspective can do! As you may know, I live in a beautiful valley, with lots of rolling hills. If I just get a little down hill of the subject that I'm photographing, I can make them appear huge...

Or on the same level as the roof of my new barn! That's "Bluff Country Prima Dona".

Here she is running to greet me.

Of course, I can never just pet ONE...

Chance comes running for some lovin' too!

Some of my poor babies are sporting new "jewelry"...

"Bluff Country Sandman" is maturing VERY nicely!

I hate it when the tags make their ears droop! Hopefully, they'll straighten back out soon. This little beauty is "Bluff Country Casino Royale" (Cassy). She's available FOR SALE, as are many other beautiful babies and even some ADULTS. Visit my BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE BLOG to learn more about who's for sale...Not listed on the Breeding Stock Blog, but available to a loving home are: Meredith, McDreamy & McSteamy! Yup, I've decided that I just don't have the room to keep more than one species and I REALLY want to keep my focus on HST Shetlands so my beloved fiber goats are looking for a new home...I will make a very special 'package deal' to anyone interested in keeping the three of them together.


  1. That must have been a difficult decision for you to do without the angora goats. I will miss seeing their cute faces on your blog.

  2. I was more surprised to hear that you got them in the first place than I am to hear that the goats are for sale. I hope you find the perfect home for them!

  3. Ohhhhhh......and wouldn't I love to have them.........but I know Mical would pitch a fit. I got the last ones because I told him they were going to eat them after I showed him their cute, cute pictures. I wasn't too far off. They did eat one of them.

    I love the new goats but they are so mean and aggressive. I'm hoping they settle down. I have noticed they are friendlier towards me but they torment the other goats.

  4. I will miss seeing posts about your goats, but I completely understand your decision. I know that you will find them a good home.
    I am probably going to do ear tags this weekend....yuk, I hate it!

  5. Oh, I had to do the same with my Angoras. I got sick of picking wool off their horns because they started to bully my ewes. How many "groups" of animals can you keep and still have enough shelter, shade, and rotate pasture? I completely understand. I miss them sometimes, but I do have 25 pounds of mohair am not sure I am going to do with because I want to process some straight Shetland this year. I am sure you find them a good home.

  6. Oh....if only gas wasn't so high I think I could convince Mical to come and pick up your babies.........I have a task to take care of this weekend. Izzy's horns have grown outstretched and so pointed. She's a hazard to the other goats and us. The doc told me to super glue soft balls to the ends of the horns. I would have never thought of it. I'm afraid I'm going to come home and find one of the goats with a missing eye if I don't take care of it soon.

    You can post your goats on homesteading today. They have an avid group of goat lovers and a goat forum.

    Take care!



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