Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poor Meredith...

When I went out to sit with the sheep and take pictures this morning, I took a dish of goat minerals to feed Meredith because I don't leave any goat minerals out for her since she's in with the ewes. While Meredith was nibbling her minerals, I noticed her left ear was all swollen and hard!

Upon closer inspection, Meredith had some how managed to get a piece of wire twisted around her ear ~ so tightly that it had cut off the circulation! I quickly grabbed a wire cutter, halter & sheep first aide kit... After cutting off the wire and spraying the ear with Fural anti-septic (a very YELLOW spray) and then treating it with Screw Worm Spray (bright blue!) to keep flies and maggots from bothering her , I decided that I may as well trim her feet while I had her on a halter. After a badly needed pedicure (Gee Whiz, goats hooves grow fast!) and an application of insecticide down her back and deworming (who ever invented plastic bolus guns was an IDIOT!), my poor, beautiful little Meredith was happy to return to the pasture with the ewes and lambs! I think I discovered the ear in time and doubt there will be any permanent damage.

So much for having time to post pictures today!
OK ~ A few quick shots of Alice's handsome twin ram lambs: Bluff Country Outlaw(left) and Bluff Country Renegade (right)...

Both of these boys are show quality and I hope to find them good homes where they will sire beautiful lambs for another lucky shepherd.

I love all the wool on their polls and cheeks. Their fleece is incredibly SOFT and luxurious and their conformation is superb.

Off to work I go!


  1. Kelly V2:25 PM

    I thought it kinda looked like she got her head on some paint. It is kinda cute in a crazy sort of way, too bad it isn't closer to halloween, she could be a clown :-) Glad to hear that you think her ear will ok and it was unfortunate for her that she had wire on.

  2. Those are good colors on Meredith; it goes with the purple halter. Hope the ear is OK.

  3. terry9:43 PM

    I think Meredith is just in her rebellious hair dyeing adolescent stage. Secretly, she WANTED this.

  4. Terry9:45 PM

    And the wire thing on her ears came from a friend's (ie, not professional, secret) piercing job, again, she wanted piercings and metal on her body...

    Seriously, though, she still looks adorable and innocent.

  5. Those two boys look EXACTLY like two of Skit's ram lambs from this year! It's almost scary! :)

    I'm glad Meredith is OK....I have one wether who is always the one to find those sort of things when no one else does. It must be a hidden talent only certain individuals are allowed to have. LOL!

  6. That would be Alice's "stamp", Kat...


  7. Anonymous11:07 AM

    How on EARTH do you tell Renegade and Outlaw apart! Well, they both look great anyway :) Give Meredith a cookie for me! - Katie



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