Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bye-Bye "Swamp Creatures"....

I wanted to post a 'before' picture but alas, I am always so careful to NOT get any of my matted, felted looking adult sheep in my pictures that I don't have a good before picture to share! Trust me: Zest definitely needed a hair cut!

Here she is half way through the process. My vet arrived (to do health papers on lambs that are leaving this weekend) when I was in the middle of shearing my beautiful Zest. So I let her go ~ no sense making her stand, tied, while the vet and I visited with the rest of the flock.

This is three months worth of old growth, left on Zest after shearing in March. Isn't it amazing how sun bleached the ends of her fleece are?! Zest has a single coated, very fine, crimpy fleece. Her color is Moorit/iset.

I love how incredibly refined and feminine she is! She is one of my all-time favorite ewes.

MUCH better!

In my next post, I'll show you DREAM, before & after...


  1. She is beautiful even with the funky hairdoo. I am so glad that I am not the only one with "swamp thing" sheep. I have 2 ewes that are rooing after being shorn 2 months ago and they look horrendous! Of course one is a ewe that I want to sell :(.

  2. She's lovely Nancy - I'm amazed at how the fleece has lightened in just a short time. I have a couple of ewes that look pretty ratty ~ need to trim them up when I find the time :)

    Thank you for visiting our blog. I'm glad you like it :) and thank you - I'd love to be on your blog roll.
    I wanted to ask about your ES ~ are you still thrilled with her? I purchased one shortly after you did so they are close in age. Our Danny is a delight and I'm sure you love yours just as much!


  3. I think part of the reason that the old fleece lightens so quickly is that it's "dead" fleece. No longer growing.

    I love the look of my freshly shorn girls. I just did Rosie this morning (7/1) and she looks SO much better....



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