Friday, June 06, 2008

Lambs You Don't See Very Often...

It seems I tend to take pictures of certain lambs more than others. It's not necessarily that I like those lambs more than others ~ although I won't deny that I DO Have my favorites.

Zodiak's girls are so timid that I hardly ever get close enough to them to TAKE a picture!
One of Zodiak's beautiful triplets:

Zodiak's black/bleset girl:
"BLUFF COUNTRY LUNA". She's gorgeous but won't come near me.

Then there's our beautiful Dream look-a-like "BLUFF COUNTRY DEJA VU". Another one that I haven't even been able to pet!

Dilema's handsome ram lamb "BLUFF COUNTRY BOUNTY HUNTER" is growing up to be a very handsome lad, indeed! He's a couple of weeks younger than all the other lambs but holds his own quite well.

One of my favorites that I haven't photographed much, lately is Seredipity's daughter:
"Bluff Country Casino Royale" (Cassy)

Cassy's one of the friendliest lambs and I want to find her a very special home.

This is Cassy's twin sister: "BLUFF COUNTRY CHANCE"

I'm keeping Chance and TRY not to take as many pictures of her (it's HARD! She's always on my lap).

Another lamb that's I've been kind of 'keeping under wraps' (because I'm keeping her!) is Savannah's lovely:

Prima Dona is just that! She knows she's one of my favorites and steaks her claim on my time every time I go out to sit with the lambs. Once some of the other lambs have moved on to their new homes, I'll feature more stories with Chance & Prima Dona.

This little cutie is Rosie's son:
"BLUFF COUNTRY THORN" (twin to "Flower")

OK. My guilt is almost assuaged. I'll put the rest of the "hardly-ever seen" lambs on here tomorrow or Sunday (I'm working tomorrow). I've got a couple of real nice pictures of a little gal you guys haven't seen in a LONG time.....


  1. All the lambs are so pretty, why don't they get their pictures taken more! So I sat out on the porch in the sun this evening, glass of wine and newspaper in hand :) (all my books are arabic now!) It made me think of HOME and the all the sheepies and my swing, and miss you very much. /:)

    I miss you to my Beautiful Baby Girl!
    I'm sending you BIG hugs....



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