Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Seldom Seen Lambs....

So, here are some more of the lambs that I have been neglecting in pictures...

We'll start with one of the Most neglected: One of Flash Flood's awesome twins:

She's exquisite! Her fleece is a bit 'droopy' here because it just stopped raining (again!) but her conformation is excellent. And she has a face like an

She's feminine

She's elegant

She's as wild as they come! Won't let me anywhere near her! I was hoping to keep Angel and sell her lovely dam, "Bluff Country Flash Flood". However, I really do need to cut down on my breeding flock, this year, so will sell whichever one is spoken for first! It's not like I'd be real sad about keeping Flash if somebody wants Angel.

It's just that I KNOW Angel carries HST, as her sire is Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon. Flash is sired by Skittles (black/krunet), so I don't know for sure if she even carries HST. So, I guess it will depend on weather a potential buyer really wants HST lambs or not ~ If they do, they'd be better off with Angel ~ If it's not a priority, Flash will give them lots of beautiful babies...

Angel's equally elusive (and exquisite!) brother is:

What a superb flock sire this guy will make! He carries HST, under that gorgeous, soft, crimpy, white fleece and you couldn't ask for nicer conformation on a ram lamb...

Unfortuantely, Night has still not forgiven me for taking him to school and letting all those kids touch him! Actually, a reserved ram is a good thing, anyway!!

Another beauty who has managed to escape my camera, for the most part, is Zaria's beautiful, SHAELA daughter:

It's only been in the past week, or so, that I realized that this beauty is actually shaela! Her fleece is unbelievably soft! I think she's going to be very much like her dam (my favorite fleeced ewe!).

Deb is also just about as SWEET as they come. She always comes up for petting and scratching and loves to be snuggled, but is never pushy or obnoxious like some lambs...

CHANCE & CASSY say....

..."Who could Mom possibly be talking about???"


  1. More beautiful lambs, Nancy. Hope you are not having problems with all the rain.

  2. I'm high enough up that I'm safe, Sharrie but I may have a hard time getting to work tomorrow ~ I would expect that there will be some serious flooding and mudslides once again....

  3. Well, you got to correct my spelling error, so here's me returning the favor: "Seldom", not Seldem, in your title. :) Oh, and I think one of the pics of Angel in the tall grass with the little white flowers should be in the running for the next calendar!

  4. Thank you, Sweetie!

    I miss my BBG....

  5. Chance and Cassy are SO beautiful! But the last thing I need are more sheep. Sigh...

  6. terry7:36 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Glad you are dry and hope you got back and forth to work ok. I had a good but LONG weekend at the convention in Rochester. It was stormy there, too. I'm glad to be home and now it's time to feed and walk dogs.

    Meeting in Sring Grove this Thursday but don't know if I'm going yet..

  7. My white ewe lamb this year also has the most exquisite, feminine face. She is also my friendliest baby; I'll hate to see her go!



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