Friday, June 13, 2008

I LOVE This Ewe Lamb....


She is the daughter of Sheltering Pines Diva (fawn/HST) and Kimberwood Hunter (fawn/HST). She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Her color is dark brown. She looks lighter in the pictures where she's in full sun but in less intense light, she is a deep, dark chocolate brown.

I moved the girls out into fresh pasture yesterday & they are in heaven. I've NEVER had such lush pasture and I usually do have very nice pastures! By fencing in the ditch, this Spring, I took the pressure off my main pasture and now I can truly rotate through four separate pastures! My sheep are going to be SO healthy!! ;-)

I have to admit: Even I am amazed by how much use one can get out of less than four acres if one uses them wisely! Look how grown up my beautiful Mystery is and she's only 8 weeks old! It seems the lambs are only babies for a few DAYS...

I am keeping Mystery's twin sister: "Prima Dona" (fawn HST), and I have to admit, with every day that passes, I am more and more inclined to keep Mystery as well!

I brought in two new rams, last year ~ to improve the fleece and tails on my HST breeding stock ~ and I am so pleased to say that they did just that! This is unquestionably the best lamb crop I have ever had! I am especially thrilled with how fine, soft and crimpy the lambs' fleeces are and with all my Modified babies!!

But this little lady, in particular, is really catching my eye. Not only is she extraordinarily sweet, her fleece is so soft that every time I touch her I have to do it again ~ to assure myself that it really is as soft as I thought it was. Yummy! If Mystery is still here this fall, I will be showing her at the Jefferson show. She is stunning...P.S. If I can sell a couple of adult ewes, Mystery WILL be staying!

This is a double rainbow that looks like it ended at my barn. I took this picture the other day, during the storms. The sky was actually much darker looking but the flash makes it look more blue. Maybe next year I'll name a lamb "Rainbow". Yeah, I like that!



  1. Terry8:46 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Everyone needs a little Mystery in their lives...

    I hope you get to keep her. She is my favorite of this year's crop.

  2. Your pastures look to die for. Sure wish I could rotate. Maybe someday.

  3. How did Mystery turn out dark brown with fawn parents?? Is that the 'mystery'? ;-)
    She is truly lovely. It's so hard to decide who to keep, esp. if they are all so fine looking. I hope to get (eventually) my two larger pastures cross fenced so I can rotate through four pastures. I think if I ever do that, I'll have much less hay to feed, and lots happier and healthier sheepies. It's amazing what good land husbandry can accomplish--and your lush beautiful pastures AND sheep prove that.

  4. What a beautiful picture of the rainbow..guess your sheep are your pot of gold in that barn.



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