Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I THOUGHT that I was Losing It....

Oh Good Grief!
I couldn't find my glasses, yesterday, and had to go to work without them! NOT good, Martha. Fortunately, I had a pair of reading glasses there (for just such occasions) and managed to muddle through ~ with the help of a magnifying glass!


The night before last, I couldn't find my new camera! I was terrified because I knew that I'd taken it outside with me, in the morning, and had no idea what I did with it during the course of the day. It's been raining every night and I just couldn't bear the idea of losing another camera to the rain! I was panic-stricken for awhile, but finally found it on the swing in the back yard. I have NO clue.....

What am I doing with these pictures? You might ask... I'm posting pictures of some of the lambs you may not have seen for a while so that YOU (seriously!) don't forget their names...

I know that I've got lots more to post but I have to run into the feed mill and get some more sheep minerals (before I forget), so this will have to do for today. If I have time before I have to go to work, I'll try to get some new pictures of the lambs that have NOT been seen much on this blog recently....

In the mean time...This is Dreamer trying to get her little (?) family ready for a family portrait. "Come on kiddos. Line up nice ~ stand up straight":

DREAM says...

..."CHEESE" Actually, it was more like "Animal Crackers" but you know the drill!

P.S. I found my glasses! I decided to clean house this morning, since I couldn't SEE to do anything on the computer. When I shook out a shirt that I had taken out of the washer ~ to put in the dryer ~ the glasses went flying. I must have hooked them to the front of my shirt when I didn't need them (they aren't really my prescription glasses ~ I broke those ~ these are just reading glasses so I take them off when I'm not doing up-close work.



  1. Hi Nancy, glad you found your glasses and your camera...I think you work too hard! Your enthusiasm and ambition are amazing...

  2. I lose my glasses all the time too. I only need them for far away so when I do up close things I take them off. I'm learning to slip them in the front pocket of my shirt instead of laying them down somewhere. They are hard to find in the hay! And they get stepped on there too. LOL. Nice looking lambs, they grow so fast!

  3. That's why middle aged women shouldn't have kids. They would put the baby down and forget where they put him :-)

  4. The story of my life! It's good my head is attached, that's all I'm saying. Must be a thing that happens when one is in their late 50s (with me, I mean...not you, Youngster).
    "If I only had a brain..." I didn't know that after 55, writing lists would become a hobby. :)



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