Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not a Little Fuzz Ball Anymore.....

Madonna's baby is growing up! Before I go too far, I need to tell you: when I put Madonna and the chicks in with the other adult chickens, a couple of weeks ago, I lost one of the babies. It drown in the sheep's water tub. Needless to say, I felt terrible when i found it. It was the first one born ~ the one that looked like a chipmunk. In all honesty, my favorite. I put Madonna and her remaining chick back into the pen that I built for them and continue to care for them there until I feel it is safe to let the little one out into the big world...

The remaining chick is thriving! She loves having her (?) mom, all to herself. She's got a fuzzy head and tail, just like her mom.

And she's a RED-HEAD!!

DREAM says...

..."AWWWWwwwww! How cute is THAT????"


  1. I have to agree with Dream, "How cute is THAT???" ... well, actually TOO cute!!! LOL

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Do you have a name for Madonna's chick? I immediately thought of Lucille Ball, a redhead :-)

  3. That's funny ~ I also thought of Lucy! ;-)

  4. It's hard to tell yet, but from the looks of it I'd say you're right and you have a hen :) Sorry you lost one, them darn buggers get waterlogged so quickly... :(

  5. Sorry about the other chick - but I do understand the redhead's preference for being an Only Child! (Don't tell my sister I said that...)

    Won't she be a beauty when she grows up!!

  6. Aww Nancy - she's a cutie. I really like the silkies - but lately, I've been taken with cochins. I came home from Nfld to
    find 21 new chicks in my barn - probably all roosters with my luck.
    Oh - and I think the name Lucy is great.

  7. Tammy, I've got two golden lace cochins and love them, but boy oh boy would I love to have a silkie. They are just the cutest and Lucy is absolutely the cutest of the cutest!

  8. I was just thinking that I was not going to add any new chickens, but oh my goodness, isn't she cute!!! I had white silkies as a kid and they were a ton of fun.

  9. "Lucy" is absolutely darling! AND she's a redhead. :) Sorry on your loss of your other chick. Their little lives seem so fragile sometimes....

    I have to ask if you have been getting my e-mails again......

  10. What a beautiful chick. I'm sorry the other chick drowned.



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