Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Know What To Post...

Lucy's Daddy (Bruce Springstein)

I'm trying to stay upbeat and positive. That, in and of its self is hard enough as the days get shorter. I'm trying to get into a routine. This time of year, I don't have to work outdoors all day long anymore. For the first time in months, my house is clean!! That's kind of nice. ;-)

I did my exercises for the first time in AGES this morning! Now, THAT was good for me! I'm going to try to get back into the habit of exercising for little while, each morning. Getting into a little better shape would be VERY nice...

"Mom IS getting pretty fat!"
Sadie's getting Old. I hope I have her around for many more years. I can't imagine not having my "Silly Sadie".

I did plan ahead though. That's why I bought Bellamica when I did. So that I would have bonded with her and still have a 'best friend' when it is Sadie's time to cross the Rainbow bridge. We don't want to think about that now....

Speaking of Best Friends:
DREAM says...
..."My Goodness! Those dogs have lovely markings!"

They certainly co, Dreamer, they certainly do!


  1. Yes, I would like to meet you somewhere again. LaX? Let me know.

  2. I would love to get together, Sharrie! Maybe I could meet you for lunch in LaCrosse one day. Does any day work better for you? I have to be to work at 2 so lunch should work out well and I'll go right from there to work....

    give me a call!

  3. Nancy: I'm happy that you are feeling some better. I too have been at a loss for things to post. Fall tends to get rather dreary and the photo ops are limited sometimes. Give me a call if you need to chat (you listened to me crying on the phone during my last bout with the black clowd so I can certainly return the favor, happily. Keep in touch friend, Becca

  4. Terry6:57 AM

    Hi Nancy,

    Lucy has certainly grown up fast--what a fine young hen! We, too have a canine who is getting closer to the rainbow bridge, but I hope we'll have him for awhile yet. Jimmy, our neutered male kitty, from Russ's viewpoint nearly took the fast train to the rainbow bridge last week. Jimmy was VERY naughty, but that's another story which I'll tell you later. For now he has another chance, thank goodness--he is so good with the grandkids. I hope you feel better soon--fall and this economy combined is something to fight. After all this wedding stuff is done I want to come and visit you--it's been too long. One more big party for the family on Oct. 11.

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