Friday, September 26, 2008

STUPID Shepherd.....

Stupid Shepherd did not plan on the market going pfhpfbt

Stupid Shepherd thought that since a bale of hay a day had always fed her flock in the past, it would continue to do so, in SPITE of the fact that Stupid Shepherd has TWICE as many sheep as she used to...

Stupid Shepherd has plenty of hay for 12 to 15 sheep...

Unfortunately, Sutpid Shepherd has 30 sheep!

Stupid Shepherd has to sell sheep.

LOTS of sheep!

Boy sheep....

And Girl sheep...

Spotted sheep...

And solid sheep.

Stupid Shepherd is desperate


DREAM says...

"Mom knows she's not really a "Stupid Shepherd" but realizes that she made some mistakes and now has to deal with them. Somebody is going to get some REAL GOOD BUYS if they're looking for a starter flock of Shetland Sheep!"

That's right, Dreamer. People can see more info on some of our friends for sale on my BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE BLOG. All prices are negotiable. Mom's gotta buy more hay....


  1. Count me in your ranks. If I could afford the feed costs alone, I'd take some. When is Ed McMahon going to show up with the prize patrol? Damn.

  2. Ed McMcahon? Get real, Lauren! Everyone knows he's never going to show up.

    I'm waiting for the FEDS to bail ME out!!


  3. Those first two photos make rams look as cuddly and sweet as teddy bears! Certainly not the vibe I get when I'm around my he-man ram. Even without horns, I keep my eye on him.... (I know you do, too, it's just that mine never even LOOKS innocent like yours!)

    I'm still working hard to find homes for my three wethers so I don't have to buy as much hay. I was going to keep one to keep Braveheart company, but they'll ALL go if someone wants them.

  4. You KNOW I wish I could help you out! This is just not a very good year for anyone with livestock.

  5. I'm just glad you are not nearby because the little white one with the black stripe up one horn would be in my trailer.

    On a somewhat related note, a friend brought me a shetland fleece from her sheep (she's new to shetlands) and even though she'd washed it well, it was still very greasy. Is this normal?

  6. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I completely empathize with you, Nancy! OF COURSE you have too many sheep, they are all so beautiful, who would sell them unless she was forced to part with them?
    Angela Rountree, (who also has too many sheep this year)

  7. Over in Ohio, I hear you loud and clear cuz yep, my 12 lambs made it 30 also for me! Plus the 10 goats & 3 horses. I just signed on to do tutoring after school, for an hour or so, 3x a week because I know its going to be an issue & I do not need any anxiety break downs in a snow storm. Your sheep are beautiful Nancy!

  8. I am glad that you realize that you are not a stupid shepherd. In fact, making an effort to reduce your flock to a size that you can afford to feed and care for proves that you are not stupid. Although, holding your breath while waiting for the FEDS to bail you out would be stupid. Good luck with selling your beautiful sheep, and if the FEDS do show up with money to bail you out, send them my way next... unless it involves too much paperwork and the sacrifice of my first born lambs...

  9. Makes me think I should reconsider letting the bucks out. I've wondered what next year will bring.

  10. I'll take one if you can invent a Shrink Ray that will reduce it to the size of a large rabbit...


    Of course, if you could do that, you wouldn't have to worry about the number of bales of hay, either, so I guess we're both out of luck.

    I wish you much, much luck... and reasonable offers!

  11. Your one of too many this year. So many sheep so few dollars. I've been forced to send them to market. Not because I like it but in the end they do taste wonderful!

  12. It sure is getting tough out there. Every time there is a (bitter) discussion at work about how the gov'tment is bailing this and that out and they'll have to bail out this one too, I always add 'and SHEEP farmers!' ;-) I've been blessed with sales this year, but for awhile I was very doubtful as nothing was happening. I plan to only put six ewes with the ram anyway, as it just seems so uncertain, and prices for grain and hay are so high. I'll be praying you can make some sales to get your numbers down.
    Take care,

  13. Oh Nancy, you're such a tease! I love so many of your lambs...and I *really* don't need anymore...but I swear I can hear Mystery calling my name every time I look at her photo...Ugh! lol

  14. I with mim, in these tough economic times, at least we can be glad we're raising something that can help keep us fed this winter. I've got lamb stew simmering now and it smells so good! Good luck with your sales Nancy :-)

  15. You are no "stupid shepherd", Nancy. Just grab an're in the same boat with everyone else.
    I am having to make hard decisions, too, as our hay is $20/bale and 50 lb. bags of timothy hay pellets are close to $14 each! I wish I had large pastures like you guys in the midwest.
    The article in the latest NASSA news was so spot-on when it mentioned this is the time we have to really cull our flocks, leaving the best. I have finally taken a one-month ad in the newspaper for our lamb crop to sell. If no one buys any, they will have to go to market as we just can't afford to feed them over the winter.
    So,'re not alone.

  16. Wow Kathy - $20/bale!!! It is $5/bale here and I thought that was bad... I wasjust lamenting this afternoon over the need to cull the flock a bit more (I already went from almost 70 down to 24 since May). It isn't the hay for winter that I'm upset with, it is the overgrazing of my measly 8 acres of weeds that has me upset. The more overgrazed it gets, the more thistles we fight with. So I too am stuck culling more. I just don't have anybody left that I can bear to part with...

  17. Okay Ladies, you will never sell your sheep if you convince people that it is a bad idea. Time to take a different angle. People NEED to buy your beautiful sheep in the midst of this economic crisis because what is better for our mental health than being a "good shepherd" and have sweet little Shetlands to love, and this is a great opportunity to get sheep we all have been admiring at a reduced price! See how good I am at rationalizing?!!!! Nancy I wish you were closer. But I think I am at my limit physically right now. We'll need to build some more shelters next summer if we keep many. Good luck, to us all! I have faith that things will get better...

  18. How are sales going? I would only want something in the brown tones, ewe, of course, to complete the colors I have here. I am one of the lucky ones who has plenty of hay grown on our own land. We had two great crops and have a full barn with the more in the shed. Jake plans to small bale third crop this coming week if he can. Yes, I want to get together with you. How about meeting in LaX again?

  19. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the pictures you had to go with the commentary in the post. It really looked like those two were talking to each other.

    And I love the shot of the dog in the background with the sheep on either side. Brilliant!

    Oh, and I also love how Dream ends every one of your posts. So very, very cute--always gives me a giggle.

  20. Anonymous7:13 AM

    If I could come up with a way to convince the neighbors it was a large dog, I would take one. We live in the city :-) My yard's probably not big enough, anyway.



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