Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's Challenge....

Not exactly beautiful scenery but this is the ditch that I fenced in with step in posts and electric wire last Spring. The girls did a wonderful job of keeping it grazed down and I can't imagine they would have had enough to eat without it!

This is the ditch, on the other side of the driveway.
The one that I did not fence.


Not fenced.

My pastures are all getting overgrazed so this weekend I'm moving the fence from the grazed ditch to the ungrazed ditch. Of course, before I can put the sheep in there, I have to chop down all those giant, burr bearing, weeds and cart them off to a burn pile so that they don't end up ruining the lovely fleeces of my flock. Anyone want to come help chop and carry?????

DREAM says...

"I'll help!!"


  1. Here's the thing Nancy, I would LOVE to come and help, but I am kinda busy right now :p.

    Great idea with the ditches, I am going to have to get some portable fencing for next year to save on mowing and feed costs.

  2. Ah, I would love to come help too....but I'm pretty busy right now trying to get my place ready for winter! We have a bunch of little areas that would be great to get the sheep's removing all the burrs, etc. that keeps me from doing it.....:)

  3. Dream,

    What a sweeth heart you are. I am sure you would be a big help.

    Those sheep sure can clean out a ditch. It is amazing how much further a pasture can go if you get your numbers down though. I find myself with a welcomed surplus of grass this year. I hope I can make myself maintain my flock at this level instead of being tempted to keep too many sheep next year.

  4. I too would love (not) to come help, but I have to mark a few things off my list here first. ;-) Is it pretty dry there? The grass looks like it needs a good rain. It's amazing the difference in the two ditches. Good plan!

  5. OOOO ooooo!! I'll come help!!! And unlike the rest of your posting friends (whom Im sure are wonderful people!!!), I actually would! A good day of hot dirty farm work, a nice shower, and a glass of wine as the sun sets... who wouldn't volunteer???????

  6. PS - Since there seems to be a desperate market out there.... I'll re-do anyones fencing for them, if they'll do my Arabic homework for me /:)

  7. Good Morning La Mia Bella Bambina!!! I may just take you up on that offer for 'A good day of hot, dirty farm work" REAL soon!

    The wine's chilling.

    P.S. Madonna's laying eggs again so we're getting ready for you!!


  8. They have done an amazing job clearing the ditch. I've considered portable fencing but Mical doesn't think the goats would stay in. Plus....we have a horrible problem with burrs. I'm covering everyone after I shear. The coats are a bit drab but I think I'll come up with some thoughts on embellishing them.

  9. Katie, I would be happy to do your Arabic homework in exchange for farm help......uh, wait, do I have to do it correctly, or can I make it up as I go along?

  10. Well Corinne, I'd say the more of your sheep you'd like to keep actually within my re-fencing, the more correctly you ought to do my homework :)

    Mom, keep that wine chilling!

  11. My heart is absolutely BURSTING with love and joy and pride.

    I miss MBBG

  12. Goodness, that fenced side looks practically like a golf course! Scott says, "Let's chuck the mower and get a sheep"... but then he thought better about it, after thinking about the cleanup afterwards. Having a very small yard has certain disadvantages...

  13. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Just read this, right after I returned from doing HDFW (Hot Dirty Farm Work) on our farm up north--mostly digging garlic, spading, replanting the largest garlic cloves for next year, mulching everything, spraying trees and grapevines with deer repellant, watering, and Russ fixed the mower and did all the mowing and a bunch of watering--our soil is poweder dr6-8" down up there and we wanted to give everything a drink before it freezes. Sorry I couldn't help this time but try me in late Oct. /early Nov. if you have other projects, such as arranging fences for breeding groups, etc. I cannot believe the difference between your grazed and your ungrazed ditches!!! Good work!!!



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