Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who Will Be the Lucky Winner....?

I can't believe that I'm GIVING this beautiful ewe lamb away! I sure hope that she raises LOTS of money for the Midwest Shetland Sheep Breeders Association and goes to a wonderful home where they will love her and take VERY good care of her.

Halter lessons are progressing nicely. Yesterday, Deja Vu (and a bunch of other ewe lambs) practiced standing tied. That is one of their favorite lessons...
It is a great opportunity to get 'rear shots' of the lambs though.

Even after she's released, Deja Vu hangs around the still tied girls (that's "Chance", one of the lambs that I'm keeping & will be showing at Jefferson). Perhaps hoping for more cookies????

I am SO not ready for this weekend....


  1. Standing Tied! I never thought of that. We do it with the horses to help them develop some patience, but I never thought about the sheep.

    Definitely going to give it a go.

    And I WANT that lamb! She's GORGEOUS!

  2. keep in mind that part of being ready is having made-up your mind that you are going SO your an 1/8 of the way there:) Seriously I may have never met U "in person" but you just seem like a person who's going to go for it regardless & w/the gorgeous sheep you have, you can't go wrong! The person who gets that lamb is one lucky person! SMILE:) And just know that if I was there you would be looking at me, shaking your head, & thinking "and what hole did that one crawl out of?" & with that, I will be there w/you in spirit!

  3. Oh Kristi! You obviously do NOT know me at ALL! I would never say such a thing. If you were there with a Shetland sheep I would love it! There's no such thing as an ugly Shetland. I love them all.

    (I just happen to like HST the BEST!)

    And I've been to your blog and happen to know that you've got some beautiful Shetlands! Lots of other pretty creatures as well...


  4. I wish I could bid for her, I'd love that beautiful little girl in my flock. Here's hoping that my girls come up trumps and produce some lovelies next spring!

  5. Yup...too bad she's so far away or 'd be bidding! Best of luck to DV and her raising money for MSSBA! And kudo's to you for donating her!

  6. pretty pretty pictures.


  7. Wish I were bidding on her. Love your sheep ! Wish I had enough room here at my place to add a Shetland wether or two ! KathyB.

  8. I'll bet you *and* the fluffy darlings were all ready for the weekend. I hope you are having a wonderful (and profitable) weekend... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, which is REALLY interfering with the spinning!

    Be sure to stop by and enter the contest on my blog, and let us know how things went~



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