Sunday, August 31, 2008

Insecurity sneaks in...

It's beginning. I'm feeling scared.

I don't think I'm going to be able to do it. I'm beginning to do what I always do when I get scared. I freeze. I don't do anything.

I'm never going to be ready for the Jefferson show. I haven't even decided, for sure, who I'm going to take! I need to get the vet out here to do health papers.

I have not got my lambs completely halter trained. Oh sure ~ most will walk on halter, as long as I coax them with a cookie. But when the judge goes to examine them, they're sure as heck not going to stand quietly! I've hardly even had the boys on halters...

I did manage to work with a few of the ewe lambs, the other day. Cassy got lots a personal attention because she hasn't been on halter since she was a tiny baby ~ if she was even then!

I love this picture. It's of Zest & Zodiak. Two of my favorite ewes. Zest is the dam of Paco (the most gorgeous, moorit & white, HST ram I have ever laid eyes on!) and Zodiak is the dam of more HST, EWE lambs than any of my other girls. But... I think I have 30 sheep. I can only keep 15. I think I'm going to offer ALL of my solid-colored ewes for sale. Except Alice.
Of course.


  1. You are right - that's a great picture of your girls. Take a deep breath It's going to be alright. After all, you own Sheep! And you have fuzzy chicks! Don't forget Bella and the kitties...what else does one need?

  2. I agree, half that number is just right. That's what works for me, too. But maybe tomorrow you'll feel differently?

  3. I'm just glad you are far away. I would have to talk you out of that pretty Zodiac :-).

  4. Don't panic, just breath! I haven't had a chance to halter any of my lambs yet. It'll be just fine!! You have lots o'love surrounding you with all those lovely animals ... one day at a time!!

  5. I don't envy you your choice... but you will do just fine, after a bit of fuss and anxiety. This is just part of the process and it, too, will pass. As said above, take a deeeeeep breath or two, remember that you have felt this way before and yet you still live and prosper, and then just take the next step. One thing at a time, and you'll get there!

  6. Nancy,
    You'll do FINE! Remember there is always somebody out there who's sheep will behave worse than your's will. ;)
    When we get to Jefferson, I'll show you a hold I use on the sheep that will help them stay still for examination in the ring, maybe that will help. :)

  7. Take a deep breath. It'll be fine. It's normally better than you think it will be anyway. That's what I tell myself.

    Good luck at the show. I am halter training right now for a show here at the end of September. I sold 2 more lambs (1 ewe and 1 ram) but unfortunately have 2 going for meat. It didn't seem fair to get 4 rams and a ewe my first year. My fingers are crossed for ewes next year!

    Oh and I love your chickens.

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    I'm glad I don't show our goats Nancy!

  9. Your sheep are so beautiful they will practically show themselves! :) It is true, no matter how unprepared you feel I can almost guar-an-tee someone will have a worst behaved sheep! The hardest part I think is going to be making your choice!

  10. Such gorgeous animals!

    To help with the nervous gitters at the show, just remember what my husband always says: They have never shot anyone because an animal misbehaved.

    About training to lead, at least you don't have Merlin (welsh black mountain wether). When training him to lead, he wouldn't just fall down and to the "dead sheep" thing. He took it a step or two further. He would thrown himself down, his eyes would roll back in his head, his tongue would loll out, and then, just to make his point, his feet would thrash around as though he were having a convulsion. Now THAT would surely get the judge's attention!

  11. Uh, can someone explain to me what a "gitter" is? I think the word I was going for was "jitters". Sheesh...think my brain is definitely taking a holiday today.

  12. Thank you all! I know you're right. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed and inept right now. I've got SO much to do and can't fathom getting most of it done. So, I do nothing.

    That's not quite true. I do do a lot. Just not enough...

    And I decided I CAN'T sell Zest! I love her too much. I certainly can't sell her until she gives me an HST daughter to carry on her line.

    And Zodiak has given me SO many beautiful ewe lambs! How can I possibly reward that by selling her? She trusts me.

    ~ sigh ~

  13. I'm having to make decisions, too, Nancy. At least you have some space to keep the sheep in while you're we have to make some hard decisions soon - whom to keep and whom to let go to other flocks.
    And I don't like it either...

    Best of Luck to you and Whomever-You-Decide-To-Take! :)

  14. Marie8:29 PM

    Just think how much fun it will be and all your friends there to help out (I'm great with spoiling animals with cookies) I am really looking forward to Jefferson and spending time with my sisters :^).See you soon!
    "Sister" Marie

  15. Nancy,
    I am glad you changed your mind about Zest and Zodiak. Paco's and Dream's moms? You would have been so sad to see them go. I say 15 to 17 won't make that much difference. You will do great at Jefferson, no worries. Just remember to have FUN!

  16. Nancy, I have to say I am "relieved" that you have decided to keep Zest and Zodiak! I wouldn't want to add that decision to my trip!!! :)

  17. I saw on the comment you left on my blog that you have an English Shepherd. How large are they? We are going to have to replace our Rottie soon (do NOT want to think of that!) and we need a watch dog that can put a little fear in some of the ne'r-do-wells around her. Would really like an old farm collie as it would be nice to have a dog that works, too.



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