Monday, August 04, 2008

Animal Updates...

Madonna brought her babies out of the nest! I did notice that the remaining egg is cracked in one spot. I listened, but couldn't hear any sound coming from it.

I put Madonna & her 2 babies back in the nest when I finished up my work outside.

I treated the adult ewes to a snack of yellowing leaves that I pulled off my abundant Day Lilies...

Bellamica and Crescent Moon entertained each other:

While Daisy the cat surveyed her 'kingdom'...

And sharpened her claws on the patio fence that supports my gigantic Clematis!

Life is Good in the Bluff Country!


  1. Very nice partridge silkie babies! :) They'll be slightly different colors when they get older, but will be pretty none-the-less :)

  2. Thanks, Rayna! Partridge Silkies. That must be what Madonna and Ann Margaret are too. Bruce is mostly black and white speckled. I'll have to post a photo of him too....

  3. Yeah for Madonna and the baby chicks! I hope they are both hens.

    My, what big horns you have Cressent Moon!

    Life does indeed look good at the Bluff Country.

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Nice pictures;-D

  5. terry9:51 PM

    Lily leaves are poisonous to kitties, but must not be to sheep.

    Wow are the silkies ever cute, even that "old" Madonna ;>)

  6. Actually, nothing on a daylily is poisonous to anything that I know of. Lily-of-the-Valley are a completely different story though...But yeah, daylilies..I have 3 cookbooks for them :) Just try eating a bud sometime...very tasty :)



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