Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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Bella helped me gather up the boys for photos last night...

Things were going very well until the wily RENEGADE made a break for it. Go get him, Bella!

Atta Girl!!

Well Done! So, who wants to have their picture taken???

How about handsome Mr. Renegade? That's him, leading the pack!

BLUFF COUNTRY RENEGADE is the son of my beautiful, Alice ~ dam of Champions! He is sired by Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon, so carries HST spotting genetics. Renegade has the typical dense, soft fleece, with lots of wool on the cheeks and poll, that Alice puts on her boys, as well as great conformation and that "Look at Me attitude" that I so admire in my ram lambs.

Renegade's luxuriously thick, intermediate fleece is just beginning to show signs of lightening to Fawn. This is going to be one Handsome ram!

Although his rear is not as wide as Thorn's, Renegade is very square with nice, straight legs and a very nice, fluke shaped tail.

Bluff Country Renegade

BELLA says...

"Tomorrow Mom's going to post pictures of her favorite ram lamb! She was going to feature two on here today, but as usual, got carried away with the pictures....."


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Love the last photo of Bella.

  2. Thanks Diane. She really has grown into quite the beauty. She's a wonderful friend as well!

  3. Good job Bella! What a great helper. Lovely flock of little ramlings. Can't beleive how fat they are growing.

  4. Yes, good job Bella! So exciting to see a working dog doing what they are meant to be doing. And I am sure she is a great companion also.

  5. Seeing a good dog doing what she was born to do is a thing of beauty.

    Speaking of which, my, what a lovely flock you've been raising! Lucky folks at the Wool Festival this year!!

  6. This seems to be my 'day of typos'. I meant to say how FAST they are growing. Sheesh..



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